Satellite Art Show Miami

Tue Nov 30 2021 at 03:00 pm to Sat Dec 04 2021 at 10:00 pm

1655 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139-2823, United States | Miami

Performance Is Alive
Publisher/HostPerformance Is Alive
Satellite Art Show Miami
????????? ??? ???? continue their five-year collaboration by exclusively spotlighting contemporary performance art and time-based media at Miami Art Week 2021. Quinn Dukes and Brian Andrew Whiteley return to the curatorial team, creating an experience unlike any other. The fair is a platform for an international roster of live performers – an interactive space where guests can engage directly with the artists. Performance artists return to live actions, some choosing to engage virtually and others performing at an interactive distance. As the week progresses, the fair installation will evolve through the performances and the performance artifacts that remain in the space. Dukes and Whiteley have curated a multi-sensory experience with musical performances, drag shows, and revitalizing classic underground performative parties alongside a robust daytime program.
“In the wake of the pandemic, this program represents the re-emergence and reclamation of the body. The selected artists recognize the revolutionary power of the body through actions that often serve as a release from the trauma inflicted through centuries of heteronormative and colonial conditioning. In addition, this year’s program seeks work that actively rejects the systems perpetuating injustice and serves as a safe space for historically marginalized communities. This is the liberation of the body.” -Quinn Dukes
Thomas Albrecht (​​Kingston, NY, USA), Jocelyn Beausire (​​Princeton, NJ, USA), Ama BE (Washington D.C, USA/Ghana), Katina Bitsicas (Columbia, MO, USA), Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn (Atlanta, GA, USA), Caitlin Mary Margarett (​​Madison, WI, USA), Hope Esser (Chicago, IL, USA), Xxavier Edward Carter (Dallas, TX, USA/Mexico City, Mexico), Vivian Chinasa Ezugha (Hampshire, UK/Nigeria), Oya Damla (Brooklyn, NY, USA), Agua Dulce (​​Miami, FL, USA), Gabriela Fernandez (Miami, FL, USA/Cuba) and Khánh Nguyên H. Vũ (Miami, FL, USA/ Vietnam), Alexandra Hammond (NYC, NY USA), Amanda Kleinhans (Tallahassee, FL, USA), Miss Art World (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Arantxa Araujo (NYC/Mexico), Verónica Peña (NYC/Spain), and Yali Romagoza (NYC/Cuba), Neill Prewitt (Atlanta, GA, USA), Sylvain Souklaye (​​Brooklyn, NY, USA/France)
Ali Asgar Tara (​​Brooklyn, NY, USA/Bangladesh), Meghan Moe Beitiks (​​Gainesville, FL USA), gustaf broms (Sweden), Maureen Catbagan and IV Castellanos (Brooklyn, NY, USA), Ayça Ceylan (​​Istanbul, Turkey), Alex Côté (Montreal, Canada), Adán De La Garza (Denver, CO, USA), Victor de La Rocque (São Paulo, Brazil), Alma García Gil (Mexico City, Mexico), Rae Goodwin (Lexington, KY, USA) and Casey McGuire (Carrolton, GA, USA), Marta Lodola (Berlin, Germany/Italy), Stephanie McGovern (NYC, USA), Tuty Moreno Campos (Mexico City, Mexico), Barbara Rosenthal (NYC, USA), Sylvain Souklaye (​​Brooklyn, NY, USA/France), Kailas Sreekumar (​​Kerala, India), Natacha Voliakovsky (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Claire Zakiewicz (NYC, USA/ London, UK)
?ℕ??ℝ?ℂ???? ?ℕ?????????ℕ + ?????
Milk & Honey by Isla Gordon and Ashley Kaye (Bethlehem, PA, USA)
NY FEM FACTORY by Jessica Yatrofsky (New York, NY, USA)

?ℙ?ℂ??? ℙℝ???ℂ??
Grace Exhibition Space
Wild & Alive: 15 Years of Performance Art in NYC
(New York, NY, USA)
Subtropical Affairs
The Center for Subtropical Affairs
(Miami, FL, USA)
Official Billy Joel Piano Man Bar
(New York, NY, USA)
FEATURING: Jill Taffet (Sarasota, FL), Jennifer McDermott (New York, NY), Kelly Boehner (Savannah, GA), Nancy Gifford (Scottsdale, AZ), Anita Arliss (Atlanta, GA), Rafael Fuchs (Brooklyn, NY), Michael Wyshock (Sarasota, FL), Jason Isolini (Brooklyn, NY), Edie Beaucage (Los Angeles, CA), Glenyse Thompson (St. Petersburg, FL), Emily Roynesbal (Denver, CO), Jacki Davis (New York, NY), Sean Naftel (Brooklyn, NY), Roxanne Faber Savage (Fairfield, CT), Janet Mueller (Miami, FL), Royal Uban (Los Angeles, CA), Spencer Young (New York, NY), Tom Hooper Seaman (New York, NY), Alfredo Travieso (Miami, FL)

Tuesday, November 30th: 2pm – 10pm
Wednesday, December 1 , 2pm – 10pm
Thursday, December 2 , 2pm – 10pm
Friday, December 3 , 2pm – 10pm
Saturday, December 4 , 2pm – 10pm

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1655 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139-2823, United States, Miami, United States


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