Reiki Training: Level One

Sun May 19 2024 at 01:30 pm to 05:30 pm

Pier to Point Yoga & Wellness Center | San Diego

Elka Yoga & Wellness Center
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Reiki Training: Level One
About this Event

Would you like a deeper connection to healing energies, transforming your own life and others?
Have you ever wished for a natural way to restore balance in your life and feel truly whole again?
Are you open to a journey where the power of ancient techniques gives you lasting healing and leads to your own inner awakening?

Then it's time to explore the wonders of REIKI.


Reiki taps into the essence of the 'Universal Life Force'. It facilitates personal healing, deepening your wellness journey, elevating awareness, and guides you to higher consciousness. Whether you're seeking personal rejuvenation or the skills to assist others, Reiki presents a transformative journey.

• Personal Healing: Address physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.
• Stress Reduction: Find tranquility amidst life's chaos.
• Empowerment: Harness the universal energy for healing and transformation.
• Holistic Approach: Engage with a practice that integrates body, mind, and spirit.
• Enhanced Intuition: Deepen your connection to inner wisdom and guidance.
• Positive Energy: Raise your vibrational frequency and attract positive experiences.
• Connection: Feel a deeper bond with the universe and those around you.

Reiki Level 1 (Beginner):

Foundations: Gain a deep understanding of Reiki's origins to better appreciate its transformative power.
Energy Awareness: Sensitize yourself to the flow of energy within and around you so that you can tap into and harness its potential.
Holistic Healing: Learn the physical and emotional methods of healing so that you can cater to the entirety of a person's well-being.
Self-healing Techniques: Empower yourself with techniques to rejuvenate and balance your own energy, fostering personal growth.
Hand Positions: Understand the fundamental hand placements for Reiki so that you can channel energy effectively to yourself or others.
The 5 Reiki Principles: Adopt life-affirming principles that pave the way for a harmonious and fulfilling life.
The Pillars of Reiki: Build a robust foundation for spiritual growth, ensuring every Reiki session is deeply impactful.
Degrees of Reiki: Progress through stages that elevate your expertise, enriching both your practice and your personal journey.
Sacred Reiki Symbols: Harness powerful symbols to amplify and direct the flow of energy, enhancing each session's effectiveness.
Reiki and Chakras: Integrate the knowledge of chakras with Reiki so that you can ensure a harmonious balance throughout the body.
Honoring the Reiki Lineage: Understand the chain of Reiki teachers so that you can deeply connect and respect the tradition and lineage.
Attunement: Experience this unique elevation so that your connection to Reiki energy becomes even more potent and transformative.

21 Day Clearing Cycle Engage in a transformative 21-day process so that you can cleanse and recalibrate your energy, setting a strong foundation for your Reiki practice.

Journaling Journey Embark on a guided introspective adventure through journaling so that you can gain deeper insights into your own energy, aspirations, and healing journey.

Additional First Symbol Attunement Receive an enhanced attunement to the first Reiki symbol so that you can amplify your healing capabilities and deepen your connection to the Reiki energy.


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Pier to Point Yoga & Wellness Center, 4166 Voltaire St, San Diego, United States


USD 250.00

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