Protect Yo Energy CON 2024

Sat May 11 2024 at 01:00 pm to 07:00 pm UTC-04:00

585 Wells St. Atlanta | Atlanta

Publisher/HostPYE CON
Protect Yo Energy CON 2024

The #1 Black Spiritual Convention | PYE CON 2024

Hey FAMILY! You ever notice how we got Cons like Comic Con, Dragon Con, and Thrift Con? But where's the love for our culture that celebrates our spiritual side? Where's the CON for us, the ones who vibe with chakras, crystals, and incense?

Well, guess what? We makin' it happen! Introducing... drumroll, please... Protect Yo Energy CON, the number one Black spiritual convention, baby!

It's about time we had a space where we can come together, connect, and elevate our spiritual game. There's nothin' like it out there, and we're bringin' it to life for us, by us. PYE CON isn't just a convention, it's a movement, a celebration of our Blackness, our spirituality, and our energy.

So, if you've been lookin' for that place where you can truly be yourself, where your spirit can soar free, then get ready 'cause PYE CON is here! It's time to protect our energy and level up, fam. See y'all at Protect Yo Energy CON!

PYE Con 2024

-Saturday, May 11th, At Ambient Studios Plus

-585 Wells St SW Unit A Atlanta GA

-1 PM - 7 PM

What to expect:

- Life-Changing Experiences

- Readings

- Aura Photography

- Vendors (Spiritual Marketplace)

- DJ Sets

- Music Performances

- Panels

- Keynote Speakers

- Spa-Like Experiences

- Community

- Workshops

- Plant Zaddy

- Food

- Bar

Event Venue

585 Wells St. Atlanta, 585 Wells St SW, Atlanta, GA 30312-2425, United States,Atlanta, Georgia


USD 15.00

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