Presentation Masterclass with Gavin Oattes

Mon Apr 22 2024 at 09:30 am to 03:30 pm UTC+01:00

APEX Waterloo Place Hotel | Edinburgh

Tree Of Knowledge
Publisher/HostTree Of Knowledge
Presentation Masterclass with Gavin Oattes
Learn from one of the best speakers in the world...
About this Event

Learn from one of the best speakers in the world...

Gavin Oattes is an international speaker and bestselling author who combines his practical and academic background within education and stand-up comedy, to help organisations and their people to “do it better than they have to”.

He is the author of six bestselling books, including Life Will See You Now, SHINE, A Head Full of Everything (for the teens) and Diary of a Brilliant Kid: Top Secret Guide to Awesomeness (for the little kids). His books are sold the world over and Gavin has just been snapped up by Capstone Publishing to write book number seven, due to hit the shops late 2025!

Gavin is Managing Director and owner of Tree of Knowledge, one of the UK’s most exciting people development organisations and is a former winner of Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Working with some of the largest organisations in the world, Gavin is now regarded as one the most talented and sought after speakers, regularly delivering keynote speeches at conferences and exhibitions around the world.

An award winning comedian, creator of BELLYFIRE, his inspiration all comes from where he began his career….Primary School Teaching.

He’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you cry and he’ll remind you of the joy and wonder of being five years old as you rediscover your wee piece of magic!

Presentation Masterclass Overview and Outline...

What our speakers say…

“By 3.30pm, the transformation in the delegates from 9am is amazing. You get to watch people come out of their shell and achieve things they never thought they were capable of. It’s really informal and relaxed and I think that’s why it works so well.”


TOK is fast becoming known for our skilled and exciting speakers. Confident presenting is an essential business skill. Whether you’re delivering a client presentation or speaking internally, presentation skills are crucial – yet many people have a real fear of public speaking. You can feel self-conscious, often showing this in your body language or a wavering voice. Let us share our secrets and experience with you. This highly practical presentation skills training will help you develop confidence, give you some great personal tips and show you how to come across clearly and with enthusiasm.

Learning Outcomes

· Have developed a personal pathway to becoming a competent and engaging public speaker, in any situation

· Know how to get off to a good start by creating positive first impressions

· Be more aware of their posture, body language and movement

· Learn how to present an authentic self and still get their message across

· Understand the importance of planning, preparation and presentation

· Understand how to use humour effectively


· Feel more confident in presentations

· Enhance the clarity and power of your voice

· Maintain audience attention throughout your session

· Learn to connect with your audience

· Create a convincing and memorable outcome

· Focus attention on key points you want to get across

· Anticipate and prepare questions effectively



We will start with a brief introduction to the speaker and the day ahead. This is a crucial part of the workshop as the presenter will engage with the delegates and quickly build rapport. This will allow the delegates to relax and enjoy the experience ahead.

Let’s Raisin With Each Other

Presenting should be a fun experience for all, but it can be full of self-doubt and fear. We believe the key to a successful presentation is all about being in the moment. With the help of a simple raisin, delegates will be introduced to the world of mindfulness and the importance of being present while you present.

Public Speaking – Love or Hate?

Just why do our speakers love standing in front of an audience every day? What does it mean to them? Have they always been comfortable doing this? This is an opportunity to hear some honest truths about the world of public speaking. It is also a nice opportunity for delegates to share their own experiences.

Why are you here?

Everyone attends the Presentation Masterclass for personal reasons. We like to establish why everyone is there in the first place so the session can be tailored to the needs of each individual.

Start as we mean to go…

Delegates will be set their first speaking challenge. No prep, no practice, just present… it’s amazing how humans can perform under pressure!

Positive Feedback

At no point will we rip anyone’s presentation to shreds. We will only tell you what you did right. It's important to emphasis the positives at this stage and start building up confidence in the room.

What are your scared of?

This is a facilitated opportunity for delegates to explore their biggest fears and worries about public speaking. Chances are they will realise that everyone fears the same things!

The Triune Brain

Using the work of Dr Paul McLean, this section of the course will take a humorous look at how our brain deals with the stressful events in our life.

The Neo-Cortex

This is newest part of our brain, responsible for all our higher order thinking such as reasoning, problem solving and effective communication. However, this part of our brain only functions at its best when we are happy and relaxed. We will explore the importance of positive emotions and laughter and how these can help make us more resilient when it comes to managing stress.

The Limbic System

This is our central processing unit, which is responsible for controlling how events make us feel and deciding which part of the brain will take charge. We will explore the differences between how we deal with positive and negative emotions.

The Reptilian Response

This part of the brain is concerned with one thing, and one thing only: survival. The problem is that it isn't always very good at distinguishing between real and imagined threats. By looking at the way we interpret the world around us, we can train our brain to react in more appropriate ways.


Stress isn't bad for us: our perception of stress is bad for us. A quick glance at the work of Kelly McGonigal will highlight that how we choose to see stress has a more significant impact on our health than the stress itself.

Let’s Relax

Do you take enough ‘time-out’ for you? Is it important? We will cover the science behind Mental Rehearsal and relaxation techniques.

Mental Rehearsal

Your speaker will share some unique visualisation exercises with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your brain.

Watching Paint Dry

Delegates will be given a chance to prepare a second presentation, this time on the super exciting topic of watching paint dry. This is an opportunity for them to put into practice all their learning so far. Delegates will receive feedback from the speaker and the rest of the group.

Show and Tell

Things to remember when you take to the stage: using real life experiences your speaker will share helpful tips and hints they believe work for them. We will cover things such as humour, body language and some rather 'out there' ideas! It's all about engaging with your audience and getting your passion across. They might not remember everything you say but they will remember exactly how you made them feel.

A Chance to Shine

Taking everything into consideration, each person will be asked to deliver their pre-prepared presentation. This final presentation will hopefully prove that if you know your content, make time to practice and have fun with it, you can get up there and blow them away!

Walk the TOK

A nice way to finish. Speaking in front of an audience can be very daunting for many people. All delegates will give feedback on each other’s presentation and they will reflect on the fears and ambitions identified at the start of the day. This is a chance to gain some perspective and ensure delegates leave the session feeling energised and much more confident.

Delegates must bring with them a 5-minute presentation based on something they are passionate about. No PowerPoint but flipchart and handouts can be used.


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

APEX Waterloo Place Hotel, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


GBP 375.00

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