Panda Patrol | Trekking Across Sichuan, Central China

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Panda Patrol | Trekking Across Sichuan, Central China
In Chengdu pandas reign supreme as the city's most beloved icons. Home to the world-famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Chengdu offers a unique opportunity to witness these gentle giants in their natural habitat. Here, we can catch a glimpse of these adorable creatures as they play, nap, and munch on bamboo. Beyond the research base, Chengdu's love affair with pandas extends to every corner of the city, from themed cafes and souvenir shops to public art installations celebrating these beloved bears. We will follow them on our paw patrol!
Chengdu is not only supposed to be China's happiest city and the city that hasn't changed its name in around 2300 years, it is also capital to Sichuan province, in China's fascinating southwest. And yes, you are now probably thinking of the famous Sichuan cuisine and its sizzling spices! It doesn't come as a surprise that Chengdu is a UNESCO City of Gastronomy and is considered as one of the most important food centres of China.
Besides food and pandas, Sichuan has so much more to offer. Mount Emei, another UNESCO site, is one of the four sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. Is is home to numerous temples, monasteries, and religious sites, many of which date back to ancient times. At its summit, known as the Golden Summit, stands the Golden Summit Temple (Jinding). This temple is renowned for its golden statue of the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra, a place of enlightenment. Don't get distracted by the sacred wild macaque monkeys while soaking in the mountain's spirituality.
And then there is Sichuan's vast and diverse natural landscape... Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou are even more listed World Natural Heritage sites - both famous for their otherwordly, beautiful and secluded natural scenery. The whole Huanglong valley is almost covered with milky yellow calcium carbonate. From the high side, it looks like a yellow dragon flying down from the snow peak of Minshan Mountain, winding into the forest and verdant valley. Thousands of layers of blue water form layers of ladder lakes, ponds, such as raw jade, like tooth carving. The water in the pool is clear and dust-free, and the color of the water is yellow, green, light blue, blue and other colors because of the changes of the bottom sediments and trees and mountains.
Let's go!
Day 1 - Arrival in Chengdu
Upon arrival in Chengdu, we will be greeted and transferred to Mao Xian for overnight.
Day 2 - Maoxian to Jiuzhaigou Valley; trek 12 km: 5-6 hrs
After breakfast, check out from the hotel and start of our exploration of Sichuan's wonders. We will begin with a visit to the historic Chuan Zhu Temple, nestled beneath the Jinding Mountain. This scenic spot blends rich historical and Buddhist cultural elements with breathtaking natural landscapes. Next, venture to the Huang Long Scenic Spot for a captivating hike amidst its unique terrain, characterized by milky yellow calcium carbonate formations resembling a dragon descending from the Minshan Mountain.
Day 3 - Exploring Jiuzhaigou Valley; trek 13 km: 5 hrs
Today, we will immerse in the enchanting beauty of Jiuzhaigou Valley, China's first nature reserve. First, we will take in the pristine landscapes of Virgin Forest, Changhai, and Colorful Lake by bus. Then we will stretch our legs and hike from Arrow Bamboo Lake to Nuorilang, passing by Mirror Lake, Pearl Shoal Waterfall, and Panda Lake along the way. Prepare to cover approximately 13 kilometers of picturesque terrain over five hours.
Day 4 - Eemeishan City
Bid farewell to Jiuzhaigou Valley as we check out and embark on a scenic road trip to Eemeishan City. Upon arrival, check into hotel and enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure.
Day 5 - Mount Emei; trek 9 km, 2-3 hrs
Today we will conquer Mount Emei, one of the four sacred Buddhist Mountains of China, renowned for its natural splendor and significance as a Buddhist pilgrimage site. Take a bus to Leidongping, then hike to Jinding Mountain, the highest peak, before descending via cable car. Later, return to Chengdu for an overnight stay.
Day 6 - Panda time!!
Panda time!! Visit to the Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center, located just 10 kilometers north of Chengdu. Witness the adorable pandas in their playful habitat or play with baby pandas! It will be tough to part away without taking one home, but the transfer to the airport awaits....
Grade: Easy
Activities: trekking, sightseeing, encounter of Giant Pandas.
Accommodation & meals: 4 star hotels - double sharing, meals excluded.
Cost: 3,990 AED excl. flights / 6,760 AED incl. flights until APRIL 5th.
Visa: Third party visa agency only.
See yah with Pandas x
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