OSUVA Workshop: Pistol Basics (EN)

Mon Apr 15 2024 at 05:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Osuva Outfitters | Helsinki

Osuva Range & Training
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OSUVA Workshop: Pistol Basics (EN)
Next workshop: Osuva Tähtitorninmäki range (Fabianinkatu 1), Monday 15.5.2024 at 17:00-21:00

OSUVA Practical Pistol Basics is a half-day (4 hrs) shooting workshop where we introduce you to the basic weapon handling techniques of any practical shooting sports (like IPCS, IDPA or SRA). If you are interested to get hands-on instruction and coaching in English to develop your skills as a pistol shooter or try out new challenges beyond bullseye target shooting this is a class for you.

We’ll cover all material and do lecturing, range commands and blocks of instruction in English. This workshop is offered mainly for our non-Finnish-speaking clients in mind but of course anybody can sign up.

In this workshop we’ll cover the following topics:
- firearm safety rules, safe weapon handling and range safety
- loading and unloading
- fundamentals of dynamic pistol shooting: stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control and recoil management
- drawing from the holster
- reloads (speed- and emergency reload)
- basic malfunction clearing techniques

Prerequisites for the course: some prior experience in 9mm pistol shooting and ability to handle a pistol safely, at least 18 years of age and a clean record.

Gear list:
- a semi-automatic pistol (9 x 19 mm or similar caliber), at least three spare magazines and 150 rounds of ammunition
- eye and hearing protection
- a safe quality holster and two mag pouches
(all above can be rented from Osuva and is included in the price)
You need to bring with you:
- clothing suitable for indoor range
- a sturdy belt, suitable for shooting (needs to carry the weight of a loaded pistol and mags; a shooter’s belt or gun belt style preferably)
- a water bottle, snacks and note-taking equipment
- an ID, and your gun license if shooting with your own guns

Pricing, for Osuva members:
- with own gun and ammo 125€
- with 9mm rental gun, ammo (150 rds) and gear 185€
For non-members:
- with own gun and ammo 155€
- with 9mm rental gun, ammo and gear 215€
If you want to shoot with a .22lr Glock please ask for reduced ammo pricing.
Please let us know when signing up if you need to rent a gun or gear from us or buy ammunition. Shooters are covered under insurance of Osuva Range & Training.

Enrolments & questions: [email protected] Subject: “Basic Pistol Workshop”
Class instructor: Vesa H. from Osuva

Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Osuva Outfitters, Fabianinkatu 2a, FI-00130 Helsinki, Suomi,Helsinki, Finland

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