One-day Silent Meditation Retreat

Sat Mar 02 2024 at 09:00 am to 07:30 pm

Lapinlahden Lähde | Helsinki

Helsinki Nonduality and Meditation
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One-day Silent Meditation Retreat

Discover calm and inner peace at our one-day meditation retreat a serene journey into mindfulness and self-awareness. Set in a calm and nurturing environment this retreat is designed to awaken the silent peace within you allowing you to slow down free your mind from incessant thoughts and embrace peace in every experience regardless of external circumstances.

In our shared moments of stillness and through our one-on-one conversations you’ll discover how to:

● gently shift your focus to the peace that's always accessible

● quiet the mind's persistent chatter

● respond calmly and skilfully to life’s challenges

● find emotional balance

● unlock a serene state of being that endures beyond the retreat.

Under the guidance of two experienced mindfulness teachers you will receive personalized guidance learn meditation techniques and explore solutions to your current challenges.

(Feel free to check the impressions our previous retreat participants shared at the bottom of this page.)

Private Mindfulness Counselling

Step into a separate room to find guidance and insight on meditation techniques tailored to you or discuss any challenges you're facing both in your practice and everyday life.

Maintaining a Peaceful and Quiet Environment

Wholeheartedly commit to participating for the whole day while refraining from using the phone reading or engaging in conversations. This ensures a safe and optimal experience for everybody! 


09:00 Arrival and making comfortable - kindly arrive on time

09:05 Getting to know each other & introductory talk

09:55 Silence starts

10:00 50’ guided meditation

10:50 10’ walking meditation*

11:00 50’ meditation

11:50 Preparing lunch

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Resting mindfully

13:05 50' mindful walk in nature

14:30 50’ meditation

15:20 10’ walking meditation*

15:30 50’ meditation

16:20 40' Yoga/QiGong/stretching (optional)

17:10 50' meditation & healing sounds

18:00 Meditative singing - silence is optional

18:30 Snacks fruits and refreshments

18:30 Sitting together in a circle and sharing experiences

19:30 End

*During the walking meditations you’re welcome to use the bathroom or enjoy some refreshments. There are always 10-minute break intervals between the sessions for your convenience.


Enjoy a vegan two-course meal made with love together with salads snacks fruits tea and coffee. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions.

Therapeutic Sounds and Meditative Singing

Transition into speaking after a day in silence through meditative group singing which nurtures our bond and solidifies our connection to each other. Healing sounds from Saphir chimes and singing bowls will also enrich your experience and deeply heal.

Retreat price and donations

The retreat costs 75 euros + a donation of your choice. Our aim is to keep the retreat accessible to all and we rely on your kind donations to achieve this which can be paid on the retreat day. Your kindness warms our hearts! ♡

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact Julia at 045 168 7796 or at [email protected]

She gladly offers a free 20-35 min introductory about the retreat if you need more information.

About the hosts


Julia's life and work are deeply influenced by her 15 years of studies and training in Nonduality Zen Buddhism Mindfulness and Philosophy. These profound teachings not only shaped her life but also guided her professional journey working as a Mindfulness and Meditation Coach."

Having experienced severe anxiety discontentment and feelings of being disconnected from others and herself she has found a way out that brought her peace and freedom.

This change in her life was made possible by her commitment to practise meditation and nonduality while living in a Zen Temple. For 4 years she continued to practise nonduality under the mentorship of Rupert Spira which she met bimonthly in London and Oxford.


Harri experienced several extreme challenges in his life that demolished the core of his sense of self. At the moment he lived for the very first time without conceptualising reality being totally free from the constructed false sense of self.

This embarked Harri on a journey searching for the meaning of this life-changing experience. He found his answers in his own experience guided by the teachings of the great samurai Miyamoto Musashi Nonduality and Zen Buddhism.

These had such a profound impact on his life that Harri felt the call to share these teachings with others who are interested.

Both Harri and Julia have meditated daily for more than 8 years and continue to do so today. They organise retreats monthly and live their life from a place of stillness truth and peace.

What previous participants said

(reviews taken from our public Facebook and Google pages)

Nguyen Thuc Tien said:

"I tried out their One-day Meditation Retreat and it was a ★★★★★ experience. I've never sat for a 50-minute meditation before that but Julia and Harri were such incredible teachers. 

They break down the method and guide you through the practice making it super easy to understand and apply. I felt like my meditation was getting more effective session by session. 

Other than great meditation you get all sort of lovely and relaxed experience like good food cooked by love silence and serenity a detox from technology unplugged mindful walk in the park etc. right in the city with a reasonable price.

I'm completely hooked. I've been to 3 of their retreats already and I can't wait to join the next one!"

Mika Loikkanen said:

"I attended the meditation retreat on 2.9. Very nicely organized with plenty of breaks (stretching mindful walking eating) which made it easier for those of us not used to meditating for such long periods. Would definitely recommend the retreats. Afterwards I could stay much more attuned to the present especially noticing sounds and the feel of things more."

Sofia Ramos said:

"An amazing community to share the practice of meditation with Harri and Julia are super friendly and knowledgeable hosts that guide the meditation with kindness and patience. The atmosphere is very welcoming and safe. I would recommend them to anyone interested in starting their meditation practice."

Maria Pirro Simmons said:

"I was honored to travel from the United States in August to participate in a beautiful silent meditation retreat with Julia and Harri. The retreat was more than amazing. 

The food was absolutely fantastic and the working meditations allowed us to practice mindfully activities of daily life. Every part of this retreat was perfect positioned to strengthen the mindfulness practice and transition the practice into the routines of daily life. 

Exploring the stillness of nature with still mind was anchoring and deeply fulfilling. On Saturday evening we enjoyed a break in the silence to mindfully connect with one another while enjoying dinner a bonfire traditional sauna and the lake. I will keep this experience with me always."

Event Venue

Lapinlahden Lähde, Lapinlahdenpolku 8, 00180 Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki


EUR 75.00

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