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Sun May 22 2022 at 03:30 pm to 04:15 pm

One Breath Studio | Madrid

One Breath
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ONE  B R E A T H  \/ universe & beyond I (digital)
Join me in a community of global citizens united with our breath :)
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After welcoming, we will begin our session with a warm-up. This will align and center us within a central theme. We then progress through a series of electric breathing exercises, grounding and igniting our core and seven chakras. These are most popular within the Kundalini yoga practices and will make you feel A M A Z I N G. Your body will move through a set of restorative poses, coupled with breath, that will challenge and push you to your better self! Culminating to an ultimate shavasana which will gather us in a collective chant to the world. :)

DELIGHTS (from in-person sessions in Madrid)

“Brandon’s class was unlike anything I had tried before! He makes a completely relaxed and safe space which makes it easy and comfortable to try new practices. The exercises in his class will challenge you and leave you feeling absolutely incredible! I will definitely be going back for more and highly recommend you join.”

-Meghan Swan

"Brandon's One Breath session was definitely one of the highlights of my stay in Madrid. It is a thoughtful, relaxing and recharging experience. We met at Retiro park, and I couldn't ask for a better place. Brandon has a really positive and engaging personality and really made me feel at ease. He really knows what he is talking about, and I'd never thought there are so many different ways you could breathe :) In short, if you have a chance, don't miss Brandon's experience. It could be even life-changing, as I'm seriously thinking of getting more kundalini classes back at home."

-Nadia Kafkova

"It was an awesome class. Very chill with good vibes and music. A great exercise component, with a focus on core movements and flexibility."

-James Jordan

“From the warm welcome to the calming music and aromas, I immediately felt at peace upon entering the studio. Brandon was conversational and so comfortable when teaching. He created an environment that allowed for personal expression and growth. The class itself was both stimulating for my body and mind and when I left I felt more energized and awake than I had all day! I highly recommend taking his class- you will leave feeling AMAZING!”

-Zoë Kline

"As a firm believer in the power of meditation and self-reflection, I believe Brandon's class offered us not only the perfect opportunity to step back and take a breath (or many), but also a welcoming opportunity to grow this community and spread love and energy we occasionally lose sight of in this world. The more in-tune we are with ourselves, the more we can be with each-other."

-Clara Gueron

"Great location, great practice, and even better instructor! If you’re looking to grow spiritually as well as in your practice, check this experience out. We learned so much about Kundalini in such a short period of time. Thanks again, Brandon, for your teachings as well as all other great suggestions on how to experience Madrid."

-Kenneth Thompson

"As a complete beginner, I have to admit Brandon made me go through a deeply satisfying mind/body experience. I recommend to any curious mind to give it a try. I can assure you, you will leave the session realizing how much you actually needed it."

-Hugo Santraine

“As someone who has struggled with focusing in yoga class for many years, I must say that Brandon’s class was able to sustain my attention the entire time. It was both alluring and beneficial. Brandon took us step-by-step, while giving periods of silence for our minds to wander and feel at ease. I’ve never had this much of a positive reaction to a class before. Allow Brandon to help your mind become clearer and more focused in just one session.”

-Lauren Riddell

"Brandon is a phenomenal instructor - his kundalini styled class was challenging yet perfectly curated to any individual, whether you're somebody who has experience with breathwork and meditation, or someone that is just starting to try it out. His music perfectly complimented each exercise and the overall vibe was on point. The complimentary gifts were the perfect touch. The feeling of bliss and joy lingered even after the class. Brandon's class was the perfect way to end a long week and a great way to welcome the full moon. Highly recommend!"

-Patricia Puszko

"I really enjoyed Brandon's class. It was a very comfortable atmosphere and the breathing techniques were pretty cool. The aroma throughout the studio also allowed for a very calming effect on my nerves and state of mind."

-Cat Clemmons


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One Breath Studio, Calle Academia, 7, Madrid, Spain


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