New Moon Heart Space & Breathwork ~ Memphis

Sun Mar 10 2024 at 01:00 pm to Tue May 07 2024 at 02:30 pm

Memphis | Memphis

Colbee McManamon
Publisher/HostColbee McManamon
New Moon Heart Space & Breathwork ~ Memphis
Circle up with spiritually-curious and spiritually-activated friends for an hour of intention setting, self-care, reflection, and breathwork
About this Event

This is an Online Event:

Heart Space is a sacred gathering on each new moon where folks of all backgrounds and belief systems are welcomed to share and experience from the Heart. The intention is to provide a safe space for participants to honor the Sacred by moving beyond the mind and into the heart.

Have you been craving more meaningful connections and experiences?

Please join us!

You’re invited to circle up virtually in sacred space, expand, breathe, and center yourself in heart-centered awareness.

During our time together you will:

  • Receive an energy update (via astrology and numerolgy)of what’s happening energetically in the collective and gain tools and awareness to navigate your way through the times
  • Get clear about your intentions and set goals for the upcoming moon cycle.
  • Have time for some inner contemplation or journaling
  • Center yourself in your heart through meditative techniques and contemplative practices that expand the incredible awareness of the heart (this may also include breathwork journeys or guided meditations)
  • Share your voice and your heart in a safe and sacred space and practice the beautiful art of compassionate listening (you are invited to but not required to share)
  • Receive an oracle card in our closing circle for further guidance

Heart Space Breathwork

During our breathwork journeys, we use a conscious connected breath and follow music and verbal cues to journey towards a peak experience, before integrating the energies that arise in a more expanded state of awareness. The total journey will be about 35 minutes which does not include the introduction or the time for sharing afterwards. This is a gentle psychotherapeutic and mind-body technique that supports physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. This particular technique is a combination of holotropic breathwork and rebirthing.

Take this opportunity for self-care and deep connection as we sit in sacred community – held with love.

Cost: Sliding scale donations are welcome ($11-$44)


Venmo- @Colbee_M

"I'm just so grateful that medicine women like you exist. Thank you Colbee!"

-workshop participant

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Colbee is a seasoned facilitator who has helped guide hundreds of people over her decades of experience in natural therapeutics, bodywork, energy medicine, ministry, breathwork facilitation, numerology, and shamanic practices. Colbee's passion is working with people who are going through big transitions or experiencing an awakening. The energy transmissions and tools she offers are game changers. You don't want to miss this opportunity.


"Colbee teaches with grace and a relaxed attitude, shows up for others, and is an excellent listener. I highly recommend that you book a session with her or attend a workshop, because she is the real deal." -Ellen, designer and lifestyle coach

"Colbee's ability to facilitate the movement of stuck energy is powerful and refined. She emanates sincerity and authenticity which makes you feel safe and seen without judgment. I recommend any of her sessions, especially a breathwork journey." - Adam S., menswork facilitator

" I couldn't recommend a more powerful workshop for anyone wanting to encourage reflection and group connection than Colbee's magical way of presentation!" - Leisa Peterson, abundance coach and author

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