Mini-Shamanic Immersion Retreat (Perth WA)

Sun Jul 14 2024 at 08:30 am to 04:30 pm UTC+08:00

18 Flametree Place,Beechboro,6063,AU | Perth

Deb Macintyre
Publisher/HostDeb Macintyre
Mini-Shamanic Immersion Retreat (Perth WA)
8 hour Mini-Shamanic Immersion Retreat. Join Shaman Deb Macintyre as she takes you on a journey through these ancient ancestral practices.
This is an 8 hour Mini-Shamanic Immersion Retreat . You will experience:
-Shamanic Breathwork
-Shamanic Visualisation
-Womb Healing
-Healing from Generational Trauma
-Sweat Lodge (Purification Space)
-Water Rebirthing Practice
-Shamanic Journey
-Soul Retrieval
-Healing from Childhood Trauma
-Sacred Cacao Ceremony
-Smoking Ceremony
-An Ancient Tea Ceremony
If you are keen to:
-Learn more about Shamanism
-Delve into these ancient Shamanic practices and experience them for yourself
-Understand and heal from deep seated trauma
-R elease patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back
Then this mini-retreat is for you.
You will also be invited to attend two 60 minute Shamanic Breathwork sessions in preparation of the Mini-Shamanic Immersion Retreat.
Y ou will need to bring:
-Yoga Mats
-Bolsters, Pillows, Blankets, Eye Mask
-A Journal and Pen
-W ater bottle
-A change of clothes or bathers for the Water Rebirthing Practice
-BYO Lunch
-BYO snacks
-A nd anything else to make you feel comfortable during the event.
Some snacks will be provided.
What is Soul Retrieval?
Soul loss occurs when we have suffered trauma in our life; we become disassociated from one's self. Perhaps there has been a time when you have felt that you were not fully in your body or you have felt that there is a part of you that is missing? As the Shaman, Deb enters an altered state of consciousness and travels into a non-ordinary reality, to retrieve the missing part of one's soul. This ancient Shamanic practice is known as Soul Retrieval. You will be guided through each stage. A safe space will be held for you to connect and heal. Join the Shaman in this journey towards restoration and self-discovery.
What is a Shamanic Journey?
A deep transformational meditative experience, which opens the doorway to the three spiritual realms. Where you can journey into past lives, commune with your ancestors, visit other realms and dimensions. To receive healing, guidance, direction, clarity and the answers that you are seeking.
What is Shamanic Breathwork?
An ancient practice. This deep meditative experience penetrates the mind, emotions and the physical part of self. Disrupting patterns, releasing triggers, opening the gateway to a deep primal spiritual experience. Cathartic and evolutionary. Shamanic Breathwork releases deep seated pain and trauma from this life or past lives. Experience how the ancient practice of Shamanism can heal, transform and ascend.
What is a Smoking Ceremony?
A Shamanic Smoking Ceremony can take on different forms. Specific plants are placed in a vessel and set alight. Left to smoke this vessel would then be carried from place to place, clearing and cleansing. The bathing of smoke from the top of the head to the soles of one's feet was considered to relieve the person of any negativity, or the perception of negativity in their lives. Used together with chanting, other powerful Shamanic practices, combined in Smoking Ceremony; allowed for the alleviation of entities and spirit beings that had manifested and caused fear and uneasiness.
What is Water Rebirthing?
Rebirth whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual can occur during the healing of one’s past trauma where psychologically you go through a ‘birthing’ process or it can take the form of a physical birth. Rebirthing is literally the birth of the new. It is the beginning of something miraculous. Here lies the opportunity to reshape your destiny. Rebirth is evidenced as complete healing for the body, mind and soul. This practice is completed in a salt water pool.
What is Womb and Gut Healing?
The Womb & Gut are the seat of pain and power. Womb and Gut Healing are ancient Shamanic practices which create a safe space to connect to any pain or trauma that has been long held onto in the gut or womb space. Whether it be generational trauma, current or past toxic relationships, PTSD, post-natal depression or experiences and occurrences in this life (or past lives) that have not served you, this practice will open up an expressway for deep healing. For men it is a deep connection, release and primal healing from their relationship with their mother and the matriarchal line and/or any other issues held in the gut space or lower back. It is the release of patterns and memories that have been held in this ‘womb’ ‘gut’ space. Reclaim your power!
What is Healing from Generational Trauma?
There may be patterns or beliefs that we regurgitate throughout our life which are deeply entrenched through our generational timeline. These patterns that limit us and hold us back. They are held in our DNA and are integrated into our emotions, beliefs, the mind and the physical body. This practice opens the doorway for a deep release and an understanding of this generational trauma. Allowing for healing at a cellular level, body, mind, the emotions and the soul. In this practice attendees are guided through a deep Shamanic Journey. Moving through various levels of generational trauma. Starting in the present, establishing a timeline of a specific trauma, guided by our spirit guides to discover the origins of this trauma which is held in our DNA. We work through the matriarchal (mother) line and the patriarchal (father) line. Bringing generational healing into the present.
What is Inner Child Healing?
When our patterns are disrupted, or we are confronted; maybe our belief system has been triggered or we experience resistance…We suppress the emotion that is bubbling up to the surface and push it to one side. Over time the feelings that are echoing from our inner child, develop into a deep chasm of pain. The feeling of being unloved and unheard reverberates through our whole being and patterns into the fear of not being enough. That illusion, that lie, an untruth borne from our own need for approval and belonging. When we feel we are being pushed, our inner child surfaces. We manifest these emotions as fear. If we continually place one emotion on top of the other, all our fears, anxieties, and illusion eventually your inner child will not be able to handle it anymore. This results in ‘breakdowns’, confusion, and not knowing who we really are. Join the Shaman in this intensive workshop as she takes you on a journey of healing and self discovery.
What is Kundalini Activation?
Kundalini Activation pierces through the seven chakras unlocking and releasing the dormant energy which is stored at the base of the spine affecting the body mind complex. Combining breathwork, visualisation and a Shamanic Journey deep within self. Creating a space for harmony, balance, clarity, purposeful direction and an expanded state of consciousness.
What is Sacred Ceremonial Cacao?
Consumed in ceremony and ritual, Ceremonial Cacao opens the doorway to a deeper connection to your ancestors and the ancients. It opens the third eye and awakens the spirit being. It initiates the space to transcend and journey to other spirit realms. It is a gift from Mother Earth. It is grounding, anchoring and connecting you to her primal, tribal energy. Ceremonial Cacao is a high energy vibration standard. Drink with respect and intention.
What is Tea Ceremony?
Our ancestors would have boiled water with roots, leaves and other parts of the plant to produce a medicinal tincture or a warming nutritious nourishing brew. The Shaman performed an ancient ceremonial ritual when preparing, mixing, combining and finally ingesting or providing to be ingested the medicinal properties provided in this brew. The plant medicine provided in this tea ceremony have been intentionally grown in The Sanctuary.
What is Sweat Lodge/Purification Space?
A sweat lodge is a dome shaped structure built by our ancestors in honour of the ancient primal tribal spirits. This is a sacred space allowing one to commune with spirit guides and ancestral spirits. Made from natural materials. The ceremony of purification is a journey combined with chanting, breathwork and deep trance work.

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18 Flametree Place,Beechboro,6063,AU, 18 Flametree Pl, Beechboro WA 6063, Australia,Perth, Western Australia


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