Microsoft Excel Data Analysis with Functions, Dashboards and What-If Tools

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Microsoft Excel Data Analysis with Functions, Dashboards and What-If Tools
Microsoft Excel training course online or in-person in Toronto (Data Analysis with Functions, Dashboards and What-If Analysis Tools)
About this Event
Microsoft® Excel® Data Analysis with Functions, Dashboards and What-If Analysis Tools (Instructor-led Course)

Upcoming Dates:  September 27/28, 2023 (Virtual classroom or In-person) | November 15/16, 2023 (Virtual classroom or In-person)|  Check for more dates (Virtual or In-person) >

Duration: 2 days - 9 am - 4 pm (ET)

Microsoft Excel Versions: 2013 | 2016 | 2019 | 2021 | 365 (Windows)

Delivery Methods: Instructor-led, in-person (live classroom) training or virtual classroom training

Course Fee: $495 CAD per person + HST (Virtual classroom), $545 CAD per person + HST (Bring your own device) or $595 CAD per person + HST (Avantix Learning provides device)*

Virtual Classroom: Virtual classroom courses are led by a live instructor and run from 9 am to 4 pm (Eastern Time) with a 15 minute break in the morning and in the afternoon and a 1 hour break for lunch.

In-person (Live Classroom) Course Location: Our live classroom courses are offered in downtown Toronto at the Toronto Eaton Centre or at 18 King Street East, Suite 1400, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (some Avantix Learning courses may be held at an alternate downtown Toronto location). Location will be confirmed when you register.

Learning Path: Level 3

Prerequisite: Microsoft Excel: Intermediate / Advanced or equivalent knowledge and skills.

Custom training: Available on request. Contact us to arrange a date.

Note: Public scheduled courses are delivered as live instructor-led classroom training or virtual classroom training (as indicated). Bring your own device rates apply to live classroom courses.

This Microsoft Excel course (formerly Microsoft Excel: Intermediate / Advanced Part 2) is designed for the user who wants to learn to use more advanced Excel features and functions including trend functions, forecast functions, text functions, date functions, time functions, lookup functions, logical functions, and information functions. While working on hands-on examples, students will also learn to use advanced pivot table techniques, create dashboards and use what-if analysis tools including Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, one and two input Data Tables and Solver. Throughout this course, the instructor will include numerous tips, tricks and shortcuts. Each student will also receive a full course manual.

Course topics


  • Combining INDEX and MATCH functions as an alternative to VLOOKUP
  • Benefits of INDEX and MATCH
  • Automating VLOOKUP formulas to find columns based on matching field names
  • Using the CHOOSE function vs VLOOKUP

Using AND, OR, NOT and IS Functions

  • Using AND, OR and NOT functions in expressions and conditional formatting
  • Using IS functions to test for dates, text or numbers

Creating Formulas with Logical, IS and Nested IF Functions

  • Creating nested formulas with IF and logical functions
  • Using IS functions with the IF functions
  • Writing formulas to highlight data using logical and IS functions and conditional formatting

Dealing with Errors

  • Dealing with errors using the IFERROR or ISERROR functions

Finding Top Values

  • Calculating extreme values such as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest values
  • Highlighting top values using conditional formatting

Using Trend and Forecast Functions

  • Trend vs forecast functions
  • Using the TREND function
  • Using different FORECAST functions


  • Using multiple criteria with SUMIFS, COUNTIFS and AVERAGEIFS
  • Referencing table fields
  • Using the SUBTOTAL function to calculate subtotals from a table

Creating Cascading or Dependent Drop-Down Lists

  • Creating dynamic drop-down menus using expanding value lists
  • Creating dependent or cascading drop-down menus that change depending on another value

Combining, Separating and Formatting Text Strings

  • Using text functions to manipulate text strings (8+ text functions)
  • Extracting text strings from from the left, middle or right of cells
  • Finding and replacing text using functions
  • Joining strings of text from two or more cells
  • Separating data into multiple columns using text functions
  • Changing case using text functions
  • Removing extra characters from data

Performing Date Calculations

  • Entering valid dates in Excel
  • Understanding how Excel interprets dates
  • Using date functions to manipulate dates (10+ date functions)
  • Extracting date information from cells such as year, month and day
  • Calculating the number of days or working days between two dates
  • Finding the last day in the current month or a future month
  • Calculating the date a specific number of working days from a date
  • Finding appropriate dates for different fiscal years such as the first month in a fiscal year
  • Writing conditional formatting formulas to highlight records with date data

Performing Time Calculations

  • Entering valid times in Excel
  • Understanding how Excel interprets times
  • Calculating the difference between times
  • Dealing with hours, minutes and seconds

Creating Array Formulas

  • Advantages of traditional array formulas
  • Recognizing traditional array formulas
  • Creating array formulas

Summarizing Data Using Advanced Pivot Table Techniques

  • Generating pivot tables using dynamic named ranges
  • Creating calculated fields in pivot tables
  • Calculating running percent totals in pivot tables
  • Summarizing pivot table data by date or number intervals
  • Moving pivot tables and charts to other sheets
  • Generating pivot charts quickly using keyboard shortcuts
  • Creating pivot tables from related data on different sheets (2013 and later versions)

Creating and Formatting Dashboards

  • Common components and functions used in dashboards
  • Creating dashboards that include multiple pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Setting dashboard components to consistent sizes
  • Connecting slicers to multiple pivot tables
  • Alternatives to pivot tables for creating dashboards
  • Tips for formatting dashboards

Performing What-If Analysis with Data Tables, Goal Seek and Solver

  • Creating one and two input variable data tables to experiment with different values
  • Using Excel’s Goal Seek to test values to achieve a desired result
  • Installing Solver for what-if analysis
  • Defining and solving a simple problem using Solver
  • Setting parameters

Creating Multiple Scenarios with the Scenario Manager

  • Adding and saving scenarios to test different possible outcomes such as best case and worst case
  • Generating a summary of scenarios for comparison
  • Tips when working with the Scenario Manager in Excel


Who will benefit

This course has been designed for Microsoft Excel users who have completed the Microsoft Excel: Intermediate / Advanced course or have equivalent knowledge and skills.

Can I bring my own device?

Absolutely! If you choose to bring your own device to a live classroom course, you will receive a reduced rate. Be sure to bring a power cord and a mouse is helpful.

What's included

Included in this course:

  • Comprehensive course manual
  • Keyboard shortcuts quick reference
  • Sample and exercise files
  • Refreshments (for classes conducted in Avantix Learning classrooms)
  • Certificate of completion
  • Follow-up email support

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