MCKS Pranic Healing course

Sat May 04 2024 at 09:30 am to Sun May 05 2024 at 05:30 pm

higher health | Adelaide

Ramya Ramamoorthy
Publisher/HostRamya Ramamoorthy
MCKS Pranic Healing course

Discover the power of 'prana' and its many applications to enhance the different facets of your life. 'Prana' or life force is all around you.It is the fuel that sustains your physical body emotional and mental body. The quantity and quality of prana you have directly affects your physical emotional and mental well-being. Hence it is vital to learn how to harness this prana to enhance your well-being.

? What is Pranic Healing ? ?

Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana or life force to heal physical and psychological ailments. It is a no touch no drug advanced energy healing system that is practiced in over 90 countries.

? How does Pranic Healing work? ?

The physical body and energy body or aura are very closely inter-related. If the energy body is affected the physical body is also affected and vice-versa.

By healing the energy body and chakras we can heal the physical body. Physical touch is not required as we are treating the energy body. It is based on cleansing the energy body and chakras of unwanted energies and replacing them with fresh prana from nature.

? What can Pranic Healing do ? ?

- Can be successfully applied to treat a wide range ailments relating to the respiratory gastro-intestinal muscular-skeletal heart & circulatory reproductive systems etc.

- Psychological disorders like stress anxiety depression addictions phobia grief hysteria can be treated

- Boost memory power concentration

- Increase productivity by boosting energy levels

 ?MCKS Pranic Healing course ?

This is a practical hands on course combined with lots of practical exercises and concepts. The course content structure is standardized all over the world to ensure the best possible experience and quality of learning for everyone.

I learnt Pranic Healing in 2001 and it is an indispensable part of my life to be more healthy and productive and help more people. Pranic healing can be applied in every aspect of your life if you learn how to apply it.

? What will you learn in the course? ?

The course consists of 5 modules

?Module 1

-About the Auras Chakras

-How to see the Aura?

-See energy coming out your fingers hands

-Anatomy of the energy body

-Principles of Pranic Healing

-Practice healing simple Ailments

? Module 2

-Functions of 11 different Chakras

-Scanning of Auras Chakras

-Practice healing gastro- intestinal ailments

-Meditation on Twin Hearts for peace & illumination

? Module 3

-Pranic Breathing techniques

-Practice on Respiratory ailments

-Energy hygiene for healers

? Module 4

-Practice on Divine Healing

-Practice on the effect of Prayer

-The law of Karma & the Golden Rule

-How to increase prosperity energy

-About the virtues

? Module 5

-Practice on Distant healing

-Self Pranic Healing

-Healing physical mental exhaustion Increase memory power

Learn the skills of working with chi or prana. Utilize this Prana to relieve pain to regenerate and to heal yourself and others. Gain a deeper understanding of how energy or prana works and plays a critical role in the health of your body mind and emotions. It's fun and an enjoyable learning experience in the company of like minded people. Take the plunge immerse yourself in the world of Pranic Healing and experience holistic health.

? MCKS Pranic Healing course ?

Date- May 45 - 09:30am - 5:30pm

Venue - Higher Health70London Road Mile End

Course fee - $ 475 (inclusive of the book Miracles through Pranic Healing Digital version of the meditation certificate Healing kit )

Open to anyone above 18years of age with an open but discriminating mind.

To register contact

Contact Ramya Arjunan 049 825 6666

Payment via paypal will incur surcharge.

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Event Venue

higher health, 70,London Road,Mile end, Adelaide, Australia


AUD 475.00

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