Making your Mark with Tom Jones Part 3

Thu Sep 28 2023 at 05:00 pm to Mon Oct 09 2023 at 08:00 pm

Birmingham Settlement - The Red Shed | Birmingham

Publisher/HostCIVIC SQUARE
Making your Mark with Tom Jones Part 3
This will be a continued informal exploration of the world around us through creative mark making
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Join us from 5:00 PM for food and refreshments

In this class, we will learn about and practice Making your Mark with Meaning. This will be a continued informal, co-production with a group of people who have the curiosity to explore themselves and the world around them through drawing. Continuing with simply making marks and talking about them, we will move in to a final group mark-making session.

“ this doesn’t carry baggage of special materials, just paper and pencil. you can make marks with meaning in exactly the same way you make a shopping list, with a paper and pencil” It’s not intimidating - ‘am I using the correct materials in the right way,?’ It’s totally accessible "

Building on the mark making activities over the previous two week we will continue looking at ourselves, others around us and our environment and making marks that reflect how we think about them. The idea is that people will be sufficiently motivated and encouraged to go on making marks that have meaning for them and, by extension, meaning to others. This is not a drawing class - the aim is not to do ‘proper’ drawing: Tom support us in coming to see that we can all draw in our own individual way.

This is session 3 of a series of 3 sessions.

What To Bring
  • NO preconceived ideas of what might happen when you pick a pencil and paper


What's The Exchange?

Neighbourhood Trade School is based on the principle that everyone has something to share and everyone has something to learn. We invite each class host to choose items that they would find useful and delightful to receive in return for their time and experience in sharing a skill, so we invite you to explore which of our host's barter items you would like to bring along with you, if you are able to do so.

Tom's Barter List:

  • Recipes from other countries
  • Thoughts and reflections on the reservoir (written)


About Your Host

Your class will be hosted by Tom who has 40 years experience in facilitating creative learning through visual arts practice at University level. With a PhD in Philosophy he latterly set up a radically learners-centred degree course in Art & Design in which students literally wrote their own courses of study. Subsequently, he had 25 years experience of co-producing creative experiences in local communities.

Tom is inspired by people who have made marks with meaning in the past.

" When you go to a cave where there are prehistoric marks on the wall. The sheer effect of those handprints sprayed over with coloured clay, so that somebody has in effect said ‘I was here’ and left a hand print.- right through to any culture at any time, right through history. I’m as interested in a drawing by Michelangelo as people making marks on a cave wall. Its somebody making marks with meaning that were relevant to them "

About Neighbourhood Trade School

Neighbourhood Trade School is based on the principle that everyone has something to share and everyone has something to learn.

What if we could activate the potential in our homes, streets, libraries, playgrounds, schools and more as places to exchange learning together in a kind, joyful, noble and intergenerational way that is available to all of us?

We invite you to explore how exchanging skills and knowledge of many forms can make our neighbourhoods resilient to the challenges and opportunities we will face together, now and in the future. Discover what you’d love to share or learn more about, as we shape Neighbourhood Trade School together.


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Birmingham Settlement - The Red Shed, 79 Selwyn Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom


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