Law Of Attraction Workshop and Sensory Sound Bath

Tue Jul 09 2024 at 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Sass & Self Help | Liverpool

Geniene Azalea
Publisher/HostGeniene Azalea
Law Of Attraction Workshop and Sensory Sound Bath
Access the Power of Your Subconscious Mind with a Law of Attraction Workshop and a Guided Meditation & Sensory Sound Bath
About this Event

Law Of Attraction Workshop & Guided Meditation with Sensory Sound Bath

When? Tuesday 9th July. 6pm - 8pm

Where? Sass & Self Help Studio, Henry Street, Liverpool City Centre

What? A Workshop about the secrets of The Law Of Attraction followed by a sensory sound bath

Who? - Geniene Azalea is a Reiki Master, Meditation guide, Shaman, Sacred Alchemist, Sound healer and lifelong student of the power of the subconscious mind, she artfully melds NLP, Hypnosis and Shamanism to lead individuals on an enigmatic journey into the most hidden corners of their soul.

The Law of Attraction has been made popular by books like The Secret, but have you figured out how to make it work for you?

Anyone can join, no experience is necessary. 9 Places available.

You are here because of the law of attraction, that is what drew you and this workshop together electromagnetically, even the words you are reading have their own energetic frequency! You are here because the universe wants you to have this information so that you can improve the life of yourself and others! I used to be a sceptic but when you see these concepts work for yourself the inner sceptic just dissolves.
Because you have shown up with responsibility for your own energy and an open mind for learning this esoteric knowledge, I truly believe that the universe is thanking you right now. YOU are limitless in your power.
The Law of Attraction or LOA can obviously be used for allowing experiences and things into your life but actually its is also useful to prevent you from attracting things that you do not desire!
Everything is energy, your thought begins it, your emotions amplify it and your action increases its momentum. This seminar is about how you can use this law to get things to show up in your life that you want to have, or to have happen using the power of the subconscious mind and your heart based emotions. Everybody has this available to them.
I created this workshop and a course after learning that I had been using this law my whole life without knowing!
So I decided to study it to see if i could make it work even more! I have been manifesting experiences and things into my life since i was a little girl, unknowingly using LOA, I manifested property, jobs, travel, cars, businesses, money and people. You can do it too!
I mean who wants to leave everything to luck when you could be your own creator right?
You are so much more than you perceive yourself to be and i’m excited to show you why!

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Praise for Geniene Azalea's Law of Attraction work:

I attended one of Geniene’s law of attraction seminars and she was just amazin. Listening to her story and fabulous positivity on life has definable inspired me and given me a kick in the right direction! - Vicky Mattthews

Thank you for the Law of Attraction seminar earlier this week ✨✨ I am huge believer of LOA & have followed teachings around The Secret, positive manifestation, visualisation & thoughts become things for years however I still came away with new learnings & knowledge after attending the event on Monday night ✨✨ Lisa Pearson

Forever grateful, for helping to tweak my perspective on life and self by adjusting how I think & putting me on a happier path. I'm now growing my confidence and able to handle all kinds of situations in a much better way. Who would've thought it really requires so little to totally change your life simply by changing the way you perceive it, making all the difference! Once you have seen the TRUTH there's no going back to one's old unproductive ways, it's but up, up and away from here! Keep spreading your pearls of wisdom, in my book you totally rock it! Aime Yodkaew

Really lovely experience with a gorgeous girl in the cosiest of places, really enjoyed it and will definitely be back - Heather Evans

She's a magic soul with a lot of wisdom. Feel, listen and learn from her - Rebecca, Liverpool

I've had reiki, attended meditation and been to a few workshops with Geniene, I love this woman!! She's always so nice and friendly, she makes you feel relaxed and at ease as if you have always known her. The blog posts on her page are always so informative and I love reading them, she's a fountain of knowledge! - Kerry, Liverpool

I Highly recommend Geniene, a wise soul who radiates an abundance of good stuff. I look forward to our next adventure - Alexia, Leicester

Anyone can join, no experience is necessary,just bring yourself and relax. Limited Places available.

You can read reviews for Geniene Azalea's classes and workshops HERE


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