Las Vegas Digital Marketer Digital Nomad Thursday meetup!

Thu Oct 19 2023 at 05:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Nerd Bar | Las Vegas
Las Vegas Digital Marketer Digital Nomad Thursday meetup! Web3, NFT's in Film/Media, will shape all areas/facets of our daily lives. Join us in Vegas Monthly.
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presents Thursday Travel Entertainment & Web3 networking! Casual relaxed environment and everyone who wants gets 90 sec. to mention what they’re doing in the real/metaverse worlds! we get the "What do you do" out of the way everyone networks effectively! Register and get a10% discount off any product or service!

Our meetups take place at The NERD Bar 450 E Fremont St Las Vegas and will run from 6pm to 8pm pacific.

There’s high demand for digital marketers and travel agents that offer personal tours, and a travel agent is a great fit with the digital marketing nomad lifestyle!

Join us and Learn how to travel and make money freelancing!

Become a digital marketer/Travel agent/tour guide!

Please support the Nerd Bar and our affiliates who help make these meetups FREE!

***BEST PARKING is the underground parking garage on 4th Street under the Denny’s. Take the elevator to the Nerd. See you there!

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Event Photos

Event Photos
Event Photos
Event Photos

Event Venue

Nerd Bar, 450 E. Fremont St, Las Vegas, United States


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