KAP Kundalini Activation Process By Stef - Get Ready for 2024

Wed Dec 13 2023 at 07:45 pm to 09:30 pm

State of Yoga | Miami Beach

Stef Ungari
Publisher/HostStef Ungari
KAP Kundalini Activation Process By Stef - Get Ready for 2024 Tune into Your Potential Before the Year Ends with a Level 2 KAP Facilitator
About this Event

What is KAP?

KAP stands for Kundalini Activation Process.

It involves the direct transfer of Kundalini energy to trigger the activation of your innate Kundalini energy. This energy possesses its own intelligence and facilitates a secure and natural progression that adapts to your specific needs at any given moment.

This process relies on receiving an energy transmission rather than trying to initiate it yourself. All that's necessary is for you to recline, release tension in your body, and be open to receiving the benefits of this practice. It's a path of surrender, contrasting with a will-driven approach, and it offers the potential for healing, heightened states of consciousness, and a deeper connection with both yourself and those around you.

Why KAP?

Activated Kundalini can have a significant impact on your well-being, leading to expanded consciousness and self-realization. This practice is ancient, and I, as a certified KAP Level 2 facilitator, have received direct training from Master Venant Wong.

What to expect during a KAP session?

Participants lie down comfortably on a yoga mat. Background music plays while you surrender to the energy.

During the session, you may feel physical sensations and emotional release.

KAP Benefits:

  • Improve your intuition
  • Unblock storage energy
  • Enhance energy and vitality
  • Find your purpose in life
  • Decreased levels of stress
  • Expansion of consciousness and feeling of oneness
  • Improve relationships
  • Increase libido
  • Release traumas and wounds
  • Feel joy, peace and gratitude
  • Reduced anxiety

How to prepare and what to bring:

  • Avoid alcohol or drugs 24 hours before the session.
  • Avoid heavy foods 3 hours before the session.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Bring a yoga mat.

Contact Info

Phone : 786.609.7646

IG @kapbystef

Event Venue

State of Yoga, 727 4th Street, Miami Beach, United States


USD 65.00

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