Jiten & Riana - Brazilian Zouk Dance Classes

Wed May 17 2023 at 12:00 am to Wed May 08 2024 at 12:00 am UTC+08:00

Scarborough Sports & Community Club | Perth

Jiten & Riana - Brazilian Zouk Dance Classes
Publisher/HostJiten & Riana - Brazilian Zouk Dance Classes
Jiten & Riana - Brazilian Zouk Dance Classes

Wednesdays are now Zouk Nights at Scarborough!

Learn to dance Brazilian Zouk (Rio style) and become part of our vibrant community. Jiten and Riana are renowned Zouk Instructors having taught classes and workshops in various cities in Australia and are known for their joyous energy playful choreographies and dance technique. Specialising in Zouk these classes aim to bring joy to people’s lives by creating a friendly and fun learning community.

No dance experience is necessary!

*****Zouk Dance Classes & Practica*****

Upstairs at Scarborough Sports & Community Club

(75 Deanmore Rd Scarborough)

7pm: Zouk Foundations & Technique – perfect for beginners

8:10pm: Cool Moves / Levelling Up – great if you’ve mastered your foundations

9:10pm: Social Dancing (or as we say in Portuguese a “práctica”) - free for students!

Note: Unless you have had training in Brazilian Zouk you should begin with our Zouk Foundations & Technique classes. For your own safety and fairness to your classmates you will only be allowed to participate in higher levels when your instructor deems it appropriate.

Private lessons - Step up your dancing and reach your goals!

We love teaching privates and working with students one-on-one to really see them develop. Talk to us for more information.

Follow us online!!

Facebook: @Jiten & Riana

Instagram: @jiten_and_riana

YouTube: @jiten_and_riana

Our website: https://jitenandriana.com.au/

Event Venue

Scarborough Sports & Community Club, 75 Deanmore Road, Perth, Australia


AUD 15.00

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