Jammin' it Up! with Katie & Mike

Sat Feb 03 2024 at 11:00 am to Sun Feb 04 2024 at 06:00 pm

Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin, Deutschland | Berlin

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Jammin' it Up! with Katie & Mike
The second edition of the Jammin' it Up Workshop series will take place 3.-4.02.2024!
Jams are an important social aspect of Swing Dancing and Urban Dances: a jam circle or cipher is a safe space for dancers to share, support and grow together. Join badass dancers Katie and Mike (with Selena assisting) for an exciting weekend of Fast Lindy, inspiring exchanging, and - Airsteps!
In this workshop we will cover:
- Skills to swing out and dance comfortably at higher tempos
- How to enter and exit slow and fast jams
- How to build sequences that show your personality
- Jam culture history and what it means to be a part of the community

✍ Register Here: https://tinyurl.com/jammin-it-up-workshop-2e

11:00 - 13:00 Intro to Airsteps 1
14:15 - 15:15 Intro to Airsteps 2
15:30 - 16:30 Airsteps & Jamming
16:30 - 17:00 Free Open Practice (run by Selena)
11:00 - 12:50 Lindy & Building Sequences (Beg-Int to Int)
14:15 - 15:15 Jamming Slow, Fast, and in Solo (Combined class - Both Levels)
15:30 - 16:50 Lindy & Building Sequences (Int-Adv to Adv)
17:00 - 17:30 Open Practice/Cooldown/Discussion

Morning Classes: A Compás -
Hasenheide 54, 10967
After Lunch Classes: La Caminada Tanzstudio -
Böckhstraße 21, 10967

? Beginner-Intermediate - 3hr Sunday Workshop - 50€
? Advanced - 3hr Sunday Workshop - 50€
? Intro to Aerials/Airsteps 1&2 Only - 3hrs on Saturday - 50€
? Rising Stars (6.5hrs, Aerials+1 Level+Combined class) - 110€
? Shooting Stars (6.5hrs, Aerials+1 Level+Combined class) - 110€
? Wild Weekend Pass (All Classes, 8hrs) - 125€
? One Day Pass (All classes on one day) - 65€
✅We developed the schedule so that you can even take both tracks - so far this is the most popular option!
✅The aim is to have lots of instructor feedback and the feeling of a group training instead of a traditional workshop. Each pass includes personal feedback sessions with all the teachers so you can maximize your experience.
✴️ Rising Stars (Intermediate/Explorers/Level C)
You should know how to do a swingout, Lindy circle, and basic Lindy and Charleston figures.
You’ve taken classes and workshops, and have gained confidence with social dancing. Goals will be to take your dancing to a new level, with a concentration on smooth transitions, good lead-follow skills, learning to dance at a wider range of tempos, and expanding your musicality.
? Shooting Stars (Advanced/Challengers+/Level D/E)
You know all basic figures and want to work on improving your flow, consistency, rhythm, partnership, and maybe also create nice shapes.
Dancing Lindy Hop has been a big part of your life for several years, or maybe much longer. You enjoy traveling to dance events, and usually do so on a regular basis. Social dancing feels like home, and you are comfortable adjusting to a wide variety of partners, regardless of their experience or ability.
Not sure of your level, or are a fast learner? Send us a message! [email protected]

? ? ? Check out their 1st Place?run at ILHC 2023!

Katie Cobalt is a full time international Lindy Hop instructor based in Turin - originally from Hong Kong but via London. She is known for her classroom energy, dancefloor sass, and infectious enthusiasm for Lindy Hop. As a teacher, she focuses on individual helping her students on their own dance journeys. After teaching with Swing Patrol London for 3 years, she has had many students grow from beginners to being teachers themselves as well as placing in competitions.
Katie holds first place titles at Savoy Cup, Balkan Lindy Hop Championships, and Dragon Swing. While she continues to throw down in international competitions, Katie most highly values the joy and playful spirit that made her fall head over heels for Lindy Hop.

Mike Sonder combines his knowledge of music, functional anatomy, physics, and a plethora of dance forms to create classes that are uniquely insightful, inspiring, energetic, and challenging. Mike strives to put himself in his students' shoes so that he can convey material as intuitively and thoroughly as possible. He loves seeing students' eyes light up when they understand a concept or feel a movement work naturally in their body for the first time. Mike taught in 19 countries and counting. He currently teaches Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Balboa, and well over 30 Blues idioms.
Mike has not only placed in and won respected competitions across multiple genres but also thrown down hard in unofficial late night dance-offs. Mike lives and breathes dance. He is constantly honing his skills and developing new ideas. If you run into him at a grocery store, on public transit, in a museum, or on a mountain top, you'll probably catch him dancing.

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Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin, Deutschland, Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin, Deutschland,Berlin, Germany


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