Humor Sessions : Insight #52 : Remembering Your Standup Comedy Material

Fri Jun 28 2024 at 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm

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Humor Sessions : Insight #52 : Remembering Your Standup Comedy\u00a0Material

'Remembering Your Standup Comedy Material' - In this Humor Session the expert will discuss unique ways of remembering Jokes in a Standup Comedy Set.

Writing & Crafting the Jokes are one thing and Performing them exactly as planned is another! To get the full impact of the written jokes a comedian needs to perform them in the decided sequence with exact details. Remembering this sequence and joke details becomes tough especially for long-duration sets.

As a solution to that there are several techniques (such as linking bridging sequencing leaving a hint and many others) that one can learn to make this process smooth and accurate without making efforts to mug up the jokes!

This Humor Session will include in-depth knowledge about those techniques by learning them both theoretically & practically.

Let's learn the art of remembering jokes with planned details and sequence to get the desired laughter in response.

This Humor Session is Happening on 28th June 2024 at 8:00 PM IST (India Time) on Zoom.

'Humor Sessions' is an initiative by India's Premiere Comedy Training Academy 'Cafe Comedy' for all aspiring and working comedians. This is where an expert shares a brief insight about comedy during an hour-long session.

Pre-requisites to attend the Session:

Interest in Comedy Curiosity & Lots of Enthusiasm.

Registration is a Must for the Entry. 

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