Healing Women's Circle

Fri Dec 03 2021 at 06:30 pm UTC+01:00

De Nieuwe Yogaschool | Amsterdam

De Nieuwe Yogaschool
Publisher/HostDe Nieuwe Yogaschool
Healing Women's Circle
Every month, we gather in a women's circle under the energy of the New Moon. The theme is chosen by the Moon, guided by the sign the Moon is in. This month, we're working with the energy of Sagittarius.
Circles or gatherings of women have been organised for thousands of years. A women’s circle is a ceremony, a sacred space. A place to come together, to share and to fully be who you are. In a circle we get to restore our sisterhood, reconnect to each other and to ourselves.
When women are seen, heard, and held by other women, magic happens. We can transform our insecurities, wounds, jealousies, and competitive patterns and step into our true radiance and feminine power.
Over many centuries, the sacred feminine - our connection to the source of life - has been deeply wounded, suppressed and shamed.
Now, it is time to heal. Together we can heal our connection to the sacred feminine, to (our true) nature and each other. It all starts with us.
Over the years, our lives have grown more and more individualistic. We’ve moved away from natural interconnectedness, community and sisterhood. This has an effect on our wellbeing, personal growth and relationships. Whether you feel it or not, there is a deep yearning inside all of us to reconnect. To heal our sisterhood wound.
If you’ve ever experienced jealousy, mistrust, judgement, insecurity, unworthiness or patterns of comparison, you’ve experienced this wound. A deep wound that impacts our ability to truly be ourselves and shine our unique radiant light.
The time has come to heal that wound and, with it, the world. To claim your place in the world, step into your true potential and to start sharing your gifts and talents. To do what you came here to do.
Coming together in a circle is deeply healing. Our women's circles gather around in the new moon, when the sky is darkest. This is the time to turn inward and plant the seeds of our intentions. This way, you get to consciously create your future and visualize your best life.

In our women's circles you'll experience a combination of the following ingredients:
- Set intentions connected to the sign the moon is in
- Learn more about the Moon Cycles
- Learn about and connect to the sign the moon is in (archetype based)
- Meditation, journalling, sharing & ritual
- Embodiment practice
- Embody your Goddess & Full spectrum womanhood.
Together we create a safe holding space. And together, we are the keepers of this space.
For who?
All beings that identify as a woman and feel the call to reconnect with sisters.
About Ella
"With a finished degree in Coaching & Counselling in 2020, and in training with Daniel Giamario and Levi Banner to become a Shamanic Astrology Counsellor, creating an Astrology Coaching business was a logical next step. In my Astrology Coaching the client’s birth chart is leading. I work on authenticity, self-love, life intent and soul journey. I wish for everyone to find their own medicine and to fulfill their destiny.
In the circles I bring my knowledge of and passion for (Shamanic) Astrology, and my deep connection with (core) shamanism including the different worlds (lower, middle and upper world), drumming, spirits, spirit animals, ancestors, the elements, and everything that has a soul."
About Marije
“My journey and personal growth revolves around healing the sacred feminine. In me, the imbalance between the feminine and masculine expressed itself in burnout, after which my healing journey began. Now, I love nothing more than sharing my practice with others, so that we may heal together.
I’ve studied and undergone different healing modalities with a strong focus on yoga. After laying a solid foundation with a 200hr Yin- and 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training at De Nieuwe Yogaschool, I’ve studied over 300 hours with Shiva Rea in Prana Flow to refine the art of (re-) embodying nature and the flow of life. Other teachers include Simon Rowe and Daphne Koken and the journey forever continues.
Through ceremony, ritual, yoga and embodiment it’s my intention to guide you back to your true nature. So that you may embody your full expression and shine your radiant light.”
This circle will be in Dutch or English depending on the women in the circle. All are welcome!

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De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Laurierstraat 109, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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