Healing from Narcissistic Relationships

Tue Dec 05 2023 at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

San Diego | San Diego

Danielle Morrisey
Publisher/HostDanielle Morrisey
Healing from Narcissistic Relationships
Are you recovering from a narcissistic relationship and wanting to prevent the pattern from repeating again?
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*This is an online Zoom workshop*

Narcissists and the HSP

The word “Narcissist” is incredibly prevalent. Everywhere on the internet you can find articles, podcasts, and videos about “The Narcissistic Ex” or “Growing up with Narcissistic Parents.”

It seems almost everyone has been affected by a Narcissist.

This workshop is for highly-sensitive people (HSPs) who are healing from relationships with people with narcissistic traits.

You already know why narcissistic-leaning people are attracted to open-hearted, people-pleasing HSPs. You’ve been there – you've lived it.

Now, you’re recovering from that relationship and picking up the fragmented pieces of your self-image.

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You understand the WHY – but now, you want to make sure it never happens again.

How will you know if the people you’re attracting are GOOD for you?

How can you continue being your open-hearted, kind, loving self, without fear of being used?

How can you make sure you don't fall victim to narcissistic-retaliating behaviors?

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In this workshop you will:
  • Learn how to recognize and AVOID the trap of the narcissistic game.
  • Understand your own energetics – how you come off to people; who is attracted to your vibration, who is not, and why. Learn the qualities of your own, unique, embodied presence.
  • Gain a different perspective on narcissistic traits, yourself, and the energy dynamic of the two.
  • Receive a blueprint to help you attract healthy relationships

All registrants will receive the class recording (whether you can attend live or not).

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Danielle Morrisey is a holistic, trauma-informed life coach specializing in embodiment, empowerment, relationships, mindfulness, and transformation for highly-sensitive and empathic women. With a background in mental health, psychology, sociology, and mysticism, Danielle guides clients through personal transformation and alignment with their Authentic & Empowered Self.

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