HackerX - AI (Singapore) Employer Ticket - 06/27 (Onsite)

Thu Jun 27 2024 at 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm

If you're interested in hosting, please fill out the hosting form at https://hackerx.org/host/ | Singapore

HackerX - AI (Singapore) Employer Ticket - 06\/27 (Onsite)
HackerX is an invite-only recruiting event for developers. We're active in 175+ cities globally with a community of over 100,000
About this Event

Welcome to HackerX.AI San Francisco: Showcasing AI Innovations and Connecting Talent with Tech Leaders

Welcome to HackerX.AI, the premier event where leading tech companies and top AI talent from around San Francisco come together. Our event features a unique format, combining product showcases with a dynamic speed-dating-style recruitment session.

Unlike traditional career fairs, HackerX.AI revolutionizes the recruitment landscape by offering a platform for meaningful interactions and successful hiring outcomes.

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Discover Exceptional AI Talent

Join us at HackerX.AI, where exceptional candidates and pioneering companies converge. This event employs a speed-dating format to maximize engagement and facilitate successful matches. Uncover a world of opportunities as you interact with cutting-edge companies and discover the AI professionals who will propel your organization forward.

Why Attend? Tech Professionals Across AI Domains - Tailored Recruitment for Your Needs
At HackerX.AI, we focus on a broad spectrum of AI specialties, including:

  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • AI/ML Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • AI Researchers
  • AI Product Managers
  • Deep Learning Engineers
  • Robotics Engineers
  • And more!

Upon purchasing a ticket, we dedicate ourselves to meeting your specific needs, sourcing professionals in the exact AI fields you are interested in. This personalized approach sets HackerX.AI apart from other events.

Connect with Over 100 Developers Seeking Opportunities in Artificial intelligence
Experience the chance to meet with more than 100 driven and skilled AI professionals actively looking for new opportunities. Be assured that you'll encounter a diverse pool of talent eager to make a significant impact in the tech industry.

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Unveiling Top Candidates - Essential Information at Your Fingertips

When you attend HackerX.AI, you'll gain early access to detailed information about the candidates. This includes:

  • Name: Familiarize yourself with the candidates.
  • LinkedIn Profile: Review their professional backgrounds and achievements.
  • Email: Easily reach out to candidates directly.
  • Previous Work History: Gauge their experience and skills.

At HackerX.AI, we equip you with all the necessary details to make informed decisions and establish valuable connections.

Join HackerX.AI - Where Tech Meets Talent
Be part of an innovative recruitment experience. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with top AI talent. Secure your spot at HackerX.AI today and take a significant step towards enhancing your tech team.

Feel free to adjust any additional details as needed!

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What Recruiting Leaders Say About HackerX
"The event at OKTA was a huge success for us - we filled a Software Engineer in Test and Software Engineer for Performance roles with two excellent candidates."


"Razorfish and HackerX put together an event here in New York to recruit local technology talent. The uniqueness of their structure and the way they find talent to invite provides a very rewarding experience. We will likely partner again in other regions and internationally."


"HackerX is a great event that connects job seekers and employers seeking engineering talent. BitTorrent participated in 3 events and ended up hiring 3 engineers for key positions."


"HackerX has been very beneficial for TrueCar as it gives us an opportunity to meet and talk with prospective candidates. The casual environment puts the candidate at ease so they can represent themselves to the fullest. We have successfully hired several candidates!"


Past Companies:
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"What should I bring to the event?"
To make sure your company stands out, bring a roll-up banner, tablecloth as well as company swag to give away to developers. A laptop to access our developer list and note-taking materials are also recommended.
Our team will provide you with a small table card and rating sheets for notes on candidates for each one of your tables.

"Do I need to prepare anything before the event?"
You will need to bring with you the company materials listed above. You will also need the following:
- Review Event Instructions: Our team will send you two emails with all of the instructions before the event. Please make sure all of your attendees have access to this information.
- Candidate List: The morning before the event, you will receive our candidate list. Please make sure that all your attendees have access to the list and that you schedule some time to go over it before you arrive at the event.
- Updated Company Profile: We will send you a company profile form for you to fill out upon registering. This company profile will have a small description of your company, your company logo, programming languages and roles you are looking for and contact information.
Our team will share this information with developers on the day of the event. If you haven't received the company profile form before the event, please contact us and we will share it with you via email.

"Is there any additional information provided aside from this FAQ?"
Yes, our team will send you two emails before the event. The first one, two to four days before the event, and one on the day of the event (this last email will include the developer list).
These emails will be sent to the Ticket Buyer Email provided via Eventbrite. If you don't receive our emails, they may be in spam so make sure to mark us as safe to get them in your inbox.
If you haven't heard from us, please contact [email protected] and our team will be able to assist.

"How can I post a job on the HackerX job board before the event?"
You can create a HackerX Connect Account** through www.hackerx.org/connect and use the exclusive promo code sent to you upon sign-up to enjoy one free month in our platform. Upon signing up, you can post a job directly from your Dashboard.
Event Format Questions

What is the agenda of the event?

Event Schedule for Most Cities (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

Before the Event:

  • Preparation: Receive instructions from our team on how to prepare your event materials. Access to your developer list will be provided on the day of the event.

6:00 PM:

  • Arrival and Setup: Arrive at the designated venue and set up your table. Don’t forget to bring a roll-up banner, a laptop, company swag, and giveaways for attendees.

6:15 PM:

  • Welcome Reception: Food and beverages are served for all attendees, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

6:30 PM:

  • Company Presentations: Sponsors have a 5-6 minute slot to present their company’s business, culture, AI technologies, and demonstrations to all attendees.

7:20 PM:

  • Speed Interviewing: Engage in 5-minute discussions with each AI professional. Our format ensures that all attendees rotate through your company’s table, allowing you to assess their experience and skills for potential fit within your organization.

9:00 PM:

  • Open Networking: The evening concludes with an open networking session, allowing you to connect further with developers and other professionals without time constraints.

The Day After the Event:

  • Follow-Up: Utilize the candidate list provided to follow up with top candidates and schedule the next steps directly.

*Note: Actual event times may vary. Please check your event ticket or contact your event organizer for the final event start time.

"What should I expect when arriving at the event?"
Please arrive at the venue on time so you have enough time to check in, set up your table, and network before the event starts.
Upon arrival our Events Team will be ready to check you in. Please let them know which company you are representing and get your name tag.
Once you are checked in our team will take you to your company table for the evening so you can set up your marketing materials and get everything ready before the event starts. Make sure you get some food and refreshments and a bathroom break before the event gets started!

"How many candidates will be at the event?"
This number depends on the overall turnout, usually we aim to get 80-125 developer registrations. Turnout rates can vary from 70% down to 50% in some markets, so expect anywhere between 40-70+ candidates.
It is worth mentioning that you will meet more candidates and get more engagement if you attend with 6 people vs. attending with a single attendee.

"How many companies will be at the event?"
Usually, 10-20 companies will be at the event interviewing developers, each company has its own table to conduct interviews and developers go from table to table chatting with recruiters.

"What's the format of the event?"
We use speed dating as our signature format for all our HackerX Events. The event also includes open networking and keynotes, for a total duration of 3 hours.
We open the event with sponsor company remarks and finish with open networking. All our events have approximately 2 hours of rapid interviews at your company table (each interview lasts between 5-7 minutes), and around an hour of open networking, before and after the rapid interviews.

"How are the interviews conducted?"
Our team will break down companies into two lines and developers go from beginning to end of these lines - spending 5-minutes chatting with each company at their table. Please make sure you do not go over the established interviewing time to ensure the session is smooth for all parties involved.

"I cannot find where the event is taking place or it just lists TBD in the location field, where is the event happening?"
We don't post a venue address on our event pages until we have all the details. Our Events Team may be currently working on the back end getting a venue confirmed and will send an update once it's finalized.
When signing up for our events, please use the venue details & address that our Event Organizer shares with you via email a few days before the event, since the venue information listed in your ticket may have changed.

"I signed up as a Sponsor, how do we go about our 6-7 minute speech?"
If you signed up as a Sponsor you will get 6-7 minutes to give a company introduction to all attendees right at the beginning of the event. For this presentation, make sure you contact our Event Organizer at the venue so we can get your speaker's name and job title to introduce them.
If you plan on using slides, please bring them in a USB thumb drive so we can put them up on a projector. You can also do an impromptu presentation without slides so don't worry if you don't have time to prepare slides.

*Event Schedules may vary from event to event. Your event start time can be found on your event tickets, if you have any questions, please reach out to the event organizer.


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

If you're interested in hosting, please fill out the hosting form at https://hackerx.org/host/, Singapore Zoo, Singapore, Singapore


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