Green Pea Risotto with Mint & Lemon

Mon Jun 24 2024 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Concord Institute | London

Cascades Culinary
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Green Pea Risotto with Mint & Lemon
Here we honour the alive energy of wholegrain risotto rice to celebrate the first arrival of garden peas actually in season!
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Risotto: a classic we have all become familiar with. Yet it remains a challenge to cook a truly delicious ‘savoury rice porridge’ (which in essence is what it is) from wholegrain rice. Of course, one can simply use white rice - it's quite delicious. But whole short-grain brown rice has a different quality. If you put brown rice in the soil, it will grow into a blade of grass and produce more grains. This would not happen with white rice because it's a more processed product.

This process is also what makes white rice a bit easier to digest. So, we have to cook brown rice differently, to make sure that it's sufficiently transformed for our bodies to absorb.

Here, we honour the alive energy of wholegrain risotto rice to celebrate the first arrival of garden peas in season! Marry this with zingy lemon and soothing, magical fresh mint, a generous drizzle of Italian extra virgin olive oil, to create a risotto that has us happy to be alive!

<h4>In this class, you will learn:</h4>
  • How to make Risotto using wholegrain brown risotto rice
  • How to make a soffrito base that can be used in any season.
  • How to make a good vegetable stock to add flavour to your risotto.
  • How to adapt this recipe to other seasons of the year.

About Monday Night Cooking

All our Monday Night Cooking classes are taught in a relaxed and fun environment, from our culinary school kitchen near Finsbury Park - just a stone’s throw from Seven Sisters Road. We want people to get into the kitchen, learn some tips & techniques, and experience the magic of whole food cooking at home. At the Concord School of Culinary Arts, we believe we are what we eat and that good culinary skills can make a big difference in our well-being and lives.

Come to our culinary home and find inspiration and peace in the kitchen!

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Nicholas has been cooking with The Concord School of Culinary Arts for over 20 years. He is also the owner and head chef of a local wholefoods café in Stroud named 'The Star Anise Café' - a dream born from the training he has undergone with Concord.


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