Gong Level 2: The Primal Sound of the Elements

Sat Aug 24 2024 at 10:00 am to Sun Aug 25 2024 at 04:00 pm UTC+07:00

Lotus Wellness Bangkok | Bangkok

Lotus Wellness Bangkok
Publisher/HostLotus Wellness Bangkok
Gong Level 2: The Primal Sound of the Elements Level 2 Gongs: Primal Vibrational Therapy

24 & 25 Saturday, Sunday August 2024
From 10:00am-12:30pm & 1:30pm-4:00pm with Melanie Giles
Full 12-hour course, including certificate: 15,000 THB

In our pre-requisite Gongs Level 1 ‘The Vibration of the Universe: Introduction to Sound
Healing Practices’ series of introductory trainings, we discovered the basic aspects of
Gongs, learned about their qualities, focused on self-healing & practiced various playing
techniques. Our workshop culminated in how to confidently and creatively deliver a mini
group Gong Bath.
For our Level 2 training, we will spend two full days journeying deeply into Gongs as a
stand-alone & combined therapy. Our focus will be on the treatment of others, rooted
both in ancient yogic wisdom & modern scientific findings.
We will enjoy the following program:

 Recap + Q&A of Gong Basics
 A more detailed look at Gong Anatomy in terms of striking areas, energies,
elements & the effect on human mind, body & spirit
 Advanced skills & set-ups specifically for Gong Therapy/Sound Massage
1. Techniques, intention & awareness
2. Therapeutic projection – benefits of Gongs on health
3. Gong combinations for Solar & Planetary Frequencies & Chakras
4. Gong Cages, Top &/or Tail + Side set-ups
5. Hand-held gonging
 The integration of Gongs into any healing modalities you currently practice &
offer. Examples of exploration will include:
1. Gongs for Yoga (Active Yang & Passive Yin Asanas/postures)
2. Gongs for Meditation
3. Gong & Voice (Yoga Nidra & Mantras)
4. Gongs with other Sound Healing instruments
 Solo & Partner Gonging sessions
1. Playing a single Gong vs. multiple Gongs
2. Playing Gongs as an individual vs. working as a duo/team
3. Playing for a single client vs. playing for a larger audience
4. Pre-planned Structure of playing vs. Intuitive Flow
• Being a therapist:
1. Mission, ethics & values
2. Experience as wisdom
3. How to take care of the Gongs - our relationship with them
4. Infinite sound healing possibilities
This module is recommended to anyone who wants to become a therapist or to
deepen an existing practice by applying Gongs, and to those who wish to research &
understand more meaningfully these wise musical instruments. We strongly
recommended you take the Level 1 training prior to this course, however previous
experience/training with other teachers may be considered as an entry point.
Written information will be given, attendees will also be provided with manuals to take
About the facilitator:
Hong Kong-born Mel has lived and worked in Thailand for over 20 years. She is the
Founder of Lotus Wellness studio in Sathorn, Bangkok and mother of two. Initiated into
energy healing aged 10 through Traditional Chinese Medicine, she believes that the
only road to wellness is a holistic one.
Her personal wellness journey weaves together a potent blend of Reiki, Kundalini Yoga,
Water Therapy, Essential Oils and Integral Sound Healing. Her professional path
encompasses two decades as a PR and Marketing specialist in the music, hospitality
and property industries as well as primary school teaching.
Mel’s musical passion was sparked aged 4 through classical piano, fanned by recorder
aged 8 & continues well into her late 40s through the joy of gongs, bowls, harp, flute,
guitar & chanting mantras.
Besides offering group/private sessions and wellness certification courses in 5
languages at her garden oasis studio, Mel has also been honoured to share the healing
vibrations of her gongs at Tedex Chiangmai, Wonderfruit Festival, Bangkok Art and
Culture Centre and the Alliance Française Bangkok. She also offers off-site corporate
wellness sessions.
Her community studio is a sacred space for sharing deep healing, education and the
empowerment of students to grow into confident practitioners and teachers.
We listen, we learn, we heal, we enjoy together.

Event Venue

Lotus Wellness Bangkok, 43 ซอย งามดูพลี, สาทร, กรุงเทพมหานคร, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10120, ประเทศไทย,Bangkok, Thailand


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