Gliding Space - Workshop

Sat Jan 06 2024 at 10:00 pm to Mon Jan 08 2024 at 02:00 am

Vietnam Dance Academy | Hanoi

Publisher/HostUNITY SPACE
Gliding Space - Workshop Gliding Space - Workshop

6&7 January
Hours: 9am - 1pm (4 hours per day intensive workshop)

Gliding Space is a movement and healing practice that was developed after many years of research and development in diverse movement, healing and spiritual practices. Its aim is to offer a profound embodied practice and at the same time to acknowledge and integrate all the bodies human kind is composed of: physical, psychological, emotional, and energy bodies.
The Gliding Space practice integrates:
Flying Low
Passing Through
Release Technique
Authentic Movement
Experiential Anatomy
Laban & Bartenieff Fundamentals
Yoga & Qigong
Thai Massage
Meditations of the Philosophy of Buddhist and Taoist Traditions
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Vangelis has been closely studying with William Forsythe, Gill Clark, Julyen Hamilton and David Zambrano.
He was part of the 50 days Flying Low and Passing Through project in 2010 in Costa Rica that was taught by David Zambrano and he has been studying with David for over 10 years.
Vangelis has been deepening his research and teaching across the world in all practices by integrating diverse movement, dance, energy and healing modalities.
Vangelis developed Gliding Space practice that integrates different profound movement styles and languages with healing and spirituality so as to embody the body, mind, heart and the spirit in unique ways.
Gliding Space is the moment when the dancer becomes one with the actual Space (internal & external); and with a mindful interconnection of the inner and outer worlds, the dancer Glides through Space & Time.

Applications Open:
Send us your CV, motivation letter and a video of you dancing to this email: [email protected]
Cost: 2.450.000 VND
For booking contact:
WhatsApp: +84941920597
Gmail : [email protected]
*We offer further financial support for people in need.

Event Venue

Vietnam Dance Academy, Khu văn hóa Mai Dịch , đường Hồ Tùng Mậu , Phường Mai Dịch , Quận Cầu Giấy , TP Hà Nội,Phúc Lý, Ha Noi, Vietnam, Hanoi

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