Game Night with GROUND

Mon Dec 04 2023 at 05:30 pm to 09:00 pm

379 Adelaide St W | Toronto

UKAI Projects
Publisher/HostUKAI Projects
Game Night with GROUND
Join us for an immersive experience of GROUND, a unique tabletop role-playing game that blurs the lines between art and gaming.
About this Event

While things officially kick off at 17:30, feel free to arrive early and make yourself at home. Play our own creation, GROUND, or join (or make) a group to try out another tabletop roleplaying game.

Immerse yourself in a truly innovative experience at UKAI Projects' new space at 379 Adelaide St. West (4F), located in the heart of Toronto. We invite you to join us for our recurring open sessions, where we proudly present GROUND, an extraordinary fusion of artistic expression and interactive gameplay. GROUND transcends traditional boundaries to offer participants an engaging journey that's both a role-playing game and an art project.

At the heart of GROUND lies a captivating narrative where players collaboratively construct the story as they progress. Each participant embodies a distinct 'role' derived from potent concepts such as beauty, rage, faith, knowledge, and more. Together, you'll traverse uncharted territories, encounter mysteries, and unveil the enigmatic entity that craves acknowledgment or solitude.

As the game unfolds, layers of intrigue accumulate, introducing pivotal elements like the Oracle—a blend of language and wires—and the enigmatic goat, a character best left to the imagination. The exploration leads to the cave, an evolving environment where rituals are established, a haven is forged, and the world transforms into a realm of shared narratives.

GROUND is a living creation that expands with each playthrough, growing as a testament to the creative energy of the participants. The process of playing becomes a profound artistic endeavor as players interlace their ideas, perceptions, and emotions to weave a narrative tapestry that evolves with every interaction.

Our open sessions, hosted bi-weekly at our space on the 4th floor of 379 Adelaide Street West, offer an open invitation to experience GROUND firsthand. Whether you're a novice seeking an unconventional gaming experience or a seasoned role-playing enthusiast eager to explore uncharted storytelling dimensions, these sessions cater to all. Dive into GROUND, engage with fellow participants, or bring your own games to the table and forge new connections.

We owe the availability of GROUND to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts and can therefore extend this opportunity to you free of charge. We do, however, appreciate any contributions through purchases of GROUND-related merchandise at our store (

Embark on a journey that defies conventions, challenges perceptions, and shapes narratives in unprecedented ways. Join us for an open session of GROUND, where the line between art and game blurs, and creativity knows no bounds. Your presence is an essential piece of the evolving puzzle that is GROUND.

Made possible through the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts

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379 Adelaide St W, 379 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Canada


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