First Screening of the 5th 180' Berlin Filmfest

Thu Dec 01 2022 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Wein Salon and Vegan Deli | Berlin

180 Berlin Filmfest
Publisher/Host180 Berlin Filmfest
First Screening of the 5th 180' Berlin Filmfest
The 180' Berlin Filmfest is back!!
Join us at the Wein Salon for the first screening of our 2022 edition.
Free to enter. Message us to reserve your spot!
(All films include either English audio or subtitles.)



Fish by Kaige Zheng
China 2021
Short Experimental
I can resist everything except curiosity.

Whitecollar Upgrade by Oliver Clark
Germany 2021
Short Fiction
The year 2045, the Sunlight Systems corporation has discovered a way to modify the human brain through a neuroimplant, or NI. Intelligence has become for sale. Money now determines social status and professional success. Many people have risen to the social elite by being implanted with an NI, while others have chosen not to for financial or ethical reasons. This has led to a split in society, where career advancement is virtually impossible without an NI.
Unemployed programmer Jacob Carus develops a program that can be used to gain control over people and wows the board of Sunlight Systems. When he wants to prevent the work on his project from being snatched away from him, he is faced with a momentous decision.

Nice Suicide by Mike Baran
Germany 2022
Short Fiction
The Munich-based suicide agency "Nice Suicide Ltd & Co." has dedicated itself to fighting world-weariness, overpopulation and cash shortages in its very own way. "Your light at the end of the tunnel" is the company's statement of competence.
In the style of a documentary fiction, the agency's way of working is satirically scrutinized. The cynical managing director, politicians of all colors, the potential customers and also critics have their say. Suicide, staged according to individual wishes, is celebrated as the solution to all problems, culminating in a dazzling musical showdown.
After a period of success, the company expands and even enters the stock market. But the "brilliant" business idea is caught up with reality sooner than expected...

Survivers by Carlos Gómez-Trigo
Spain 2020
Short Fiction
Natural selection says that only those who adapt will survive. What if humans have become stupid?

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Wein Salon and Vegan Deli, 59 Schreiner straße,Berlin, Germany, Berlin, Germany

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