Exploring The Art of Touch | Quality Time Workshop for Couples

Sun Apr 28 2024 at 01:00 pm to 05:00 pm

The Loft | New York

The Tantra Institute
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Exploring The Art of Touch | Quality Time Workshop for Couples
Develop awareness of the interplay of energy and touch, and learn tantric techniques on how to touch a partner energetically and physically.
About this Event
Rediscover the Magic of Touch in Your Relationship!

In esteblished relationships, it's all too common for couples to lose the enchantment of touch. Amid busy lives and daily routines, the profound power of touch often takes a back seat. Yet, touch is a language of love—an intimate connection that goes beyond words.

Have you ever experienced a touch that made your pulse quicken?

On the flip side, have you encountered touch that was uninspiring, leaving you feeling unfulfilled or even irritated?

Imagine this workshop as your chance to reclaim the magic of touch in your relationship. It's an opportunity to set aside the hustle and bustle and rekindle the spark and learn new ways to express your affection through your hands.

Loving conscious touch is like an intimacy that goes beyond words; it's a magical bridge connecting the platonic and the s3xual, and it's at the very heart of what tantra is all about ?

Through solely touch you can relax, calm, support, turn on, seduce… You quality of touch can offer safety your partner needs to be fully expressed.

We invite you to develop your awareness of the interplay of energy and touch, and learn how to touch a partner energetically and physically moved by love.

During this workshop, you will::

- Learn the Art of Receiving and Giving Conscious Loving Touch

- Explore Various Modalities of Touch

- Cultivate Energy Awareness and Sensual Embodiment

- Differentiate between Loving Touch and S3xual Touch

- Master the Art of Nervous System Regulation for You and Your Partner, Without the Need for Words

Don't let the magic of touch slip away in your relationship. Join us for an unforgettable journey where love and touch entwine to reignite the flame and deepen your connection.

**This course is for couples only, you don't have to be in a relationship but have a partner to practice with.

**Wear comfortable sleeveless clothes .

**Bring a towel or a small blanket to pay on.

* *Have some water and snacks, will have 10 mins break.

***All exercises are fully optional.

***No explicit sexuality in the class.

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"It didn't feel like 4 hours! I was shocked when Maya said it's time to end. Felt like 30 mins! We had such a great quality time! And learn some cool things about our preferences and how to offer more pleasure each other!" - Ravi

"It was an awesome experience, highly recommending! It is our best date since the pandemic! I've learn what's the difference between the touch that men and women like and it explained so much why my wife didn't enjoy the way I used to touch her. Well, no more! It's incredible after 20 years of marriage still learning how to make your partner feel more pleasure!" - Bill

"Maya is incredible! We were a bit hesitant going to this class. But she made everyone feel so casual and normal. At the end we were cuddling, giggling and feeling so deeply in love! And so much great things to learn about energy and intentional loving touch!" - Shelline

"I had a heart procedure several month ago and when Maya was guiding us through the healing loving touch and my husband put his hands on my heart, I stated crying. Never ever I was touch in such way.... with so much love, care. I felt the love of my husband without any words, so strongly, so powerfully. I felt all of that that words can not express. I am so glad we drove 2h hours to attend this workshop. We feel even more connected and in love now!" - Catty

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Maya Kova is a Sensuality and Love coach based in NYC.

She has been studying modalities of conscious living & loving for the past 12 years, diving into the spiritual, emotional, sexual, and mental aspects of The Self. Maya is certified in Applied Positive Psychology, a Certified Tantra Educator, and trained in kundalini yoga, energy work, D/S arts and shamanism. Subscribe to her YouTube channel where she shares meditations and coaching content.

Maya is a Tantra Speed Date facilitator and a coach of The 90-Day Relationship Experiment™ Program.

[email protected]

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The Loft, Tribecca Loft, New York, United States


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