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Wed Mar 29 2023 at 08:00 am to Thu Apr 06 2023 at 06:30 pm UTC+10:30

Dibden Equestrian Park | Adelaide

Debranne Pattillo
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Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification Australia! Equinology returns this year to you. Did you know that we have been presenting courses in Australia since 1994? While several programs have attempted to copy our program, there is no duplication for the real deal! Did you know that our program is so highly recognized that it is one of the very few bodywork courses for horses that is RACE approved, offering continuing education for veterinarians and vet techs? We present the course in a way that works for all levels of education, from beginners to those working as professionals.
The parent company has taken back over the reins of both the Australian and New Zealand companies. We have local representatives in these locations, so you have a "body" to answer questions about the local area. Your representative for South Australia is Ms. Carly Hannaford, EEBW, NKT. She can be reached by email: [email protected] or phone: 0401333821 10 am – 4:30 pm M-F. Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply.
If you want to become a professional Equinology® Equine Body Worker, sign up for the EQ100 onsite EEBW course, held March 29-April 6, 2023. The course location is at Dibden Equestrian Park, 782 Onkaparinga Valley Road, Oakbank, SA, Australia 5243.
So, if you would like to become an Equinology Equine Body Worker Level, here is what you need:

1: Whichever path, you need to sign up for the precourse study by registering well in advance for the EQ50 (which you may have done already): Equine Anatomy Precourse Distance Study found at:
https://equinologyinstitute.com/product/eq50-equine-anatomy-precourse-distance-study/ This is a self-paced course, and the tuition is 95USD or at: https://equinologyaustralia.com/product/eq50-equine-anatomy-precourse-distance-study/ and the tuition is 130AUD.
This course does not need to be completed by the time you attend, but you must be seriously comfortable with the vocabulary and skeletal system. Practice between now and the onsite course of finding the surface anatomy and landmarks. This exercise will make the onsite course much more straightforward.
2: Choose one of the EQ100 (EEBW Certification) courses currently offered for the
EQ100 Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification Course; tuition 3350AUD. If you click "choose an option," you will see the other dates too:
Once you pay your deposit (500AUD), your place is reserved. Balances are due 60 days before the course commencement date. The EQ100 tuition includes the bonus lectures (Module 2) and your externship (Module 4)
Your blended (hybrid) learning program consists of several modules to give you ample opportunity and time to prepare and immerse yourself in the certification content before the onsite course commencement. There are three modules of online distance study portions and one onsite module.
The EQ100 EEBW Certification (module 3) is held over nine days; 4 days one, one day off, four days on). On your "off" day, you are given homework to do away from the classroom. It is about 12 hours total required study time, so do not plan to work your regular job on that day. You will have at least 2-3 hours of homework every evening, so it is best if you do not have long commutes to the site if you do happen to live in the bay area. After the course, you will complete the externship (explained later) at home, consisting of your case studies and extra learning activities. You have six months to complete this portion which you turn in with your skillset video to assess your body mechanics, accuracy, and application of the techniques. We have a FB externship support group to guide and offer assistance. Please note that currently, the tuition for the EQ100 (Module 3) also covers the current narrative lectures (Module 2), which are delivered upon EQ100 deposit, and it covers your externship (Module 4) done at home after the onsite course.
Module 2: Narrated Lecture (free upon deposit for your EQ100 onsite course!)
Eventually (hopefully by 2023), we plan to launch the four modules that will be registered separately formally. Module 1 is the current EQ50 precourse anatomy study. Module 2 will consist of narrated lectures supported by visuals, illustrations, photographs, and videos of subject matter within the program that lends itself well to this type of platform with access anytime from anywhere (please note it is only available in English). This information is currently included in the onsite portion of the certification process. With the narrated lectures, we will elaborate on more, give you extra learning activities and resources, and allow you lots of time to review the material. Module 3 is the onsite portion of the current program, and Module 4 is the externship (case studies and extra learning activities) of the current program.
What's the special? When you register for the onsite portion of the course (EQ100), we will send you the portions of Module 2, which is currently completed AT NO CHARGE! We will also send those to you as we complete the remaining lectures. The externship is still free of charge. Many programs charge you for this portion too!

This unique hands-on system (the Equinology Approach) addresses the whole body, implementing specific manual palpation methods to assess soft tissue and symmetry of muscle and structure and utilizing detailed static and dynamic evaluation to inform the practitioner. Different bodywork techniques — including sports massage, soft tissue mobilization, stretching, range of motion, and positioning exercises, as well as "focal" point work (stress and trigger points) — are combined to provide optimal support for horses working in every discipline. The Equinology® Approach stands out because it is comprehensively anatomically referenced, reflecting Equinology's passion for academic precision concerning equine musculoskeletal anatomy. Equinology's programs are among the most recommended by other equine professionals in the industry. Besides being a comprehensive program, we stress protocol and working as a team member.

The course outline is as follows:
• Application of a full session as well as targeting specific areas
• Additional specialized Equinology and Canine techniques for session application
• Superficial, middle, and deep muscle location and isolation
• Many point locations
• Veterinary vocabulary and terminology
• Benefits of bodywork
• Contraindications of bodywork
• Bony landmark/surface anatomy identification
• Stretches for the session
• Work ethics; protocols, and working within the team
• Documenting sessions
• Conformation and gait analysis
• Injury
• Exercising the horse after a session
• Marketing
• Introduction to dental issues
• Introduction to saddle fitting issues (equine only)
• Session assessment & observation forms included for business use (currently equine only)

After attending the onsite course, participants will then go home and complete our externship (case studies and extra learning exercises) on their own horses or friend's horses (and dog in case of the canine externship). There's an additional 120 hours of outlined study for this particular course once the student leaves. The externship repeats what was presented during the course. Participants complete 20 sessions on at least five different horses using all of the techniques taught in the class. A home review portion is included in the fieldwork on muscle function, muscle identification, point location, and gait assessment required to support the material taught and presented in the class. Once this is completed, the student sends a video to Equinology to review, assess, and expand on the student's work. The student is informed of the outcome, comments and corrections. If a portion of the externship needs to be repeated, the student will be asked. We have an excellent pass rate for those turning in the externship. The student doesn't need to shadow or be under the direct supervision of another Equinology® Equine Body Worker for this portion. The canine externship is very similar but directed to the canine course.

Whichever program you plan to attend, it is wise to take the time like you are doing now to look into your options. Sometimes we hear people say such and such program "is the best program ever!" and they haven't taken any other similar course to compare the standards and expectations. Some people want to do the qualification all online (and there are plenty who do), or they wish to spend very few days onsite and expect a qualification certificate as they walk out the door. That's not how we roll, and our program is not for everyone because of this.
As you continue to find a suitable program that will work for you, keep these points in mind:
• Check that the school or education business is insured.
• Ask if you can practice legally as an Equine Body Worker in your state or residence.
• Look at who is providing the instruction. Many of our instructors are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Our instructors are also authors and curricula creators. The majority of our instructors hold doctorates and have private practices in the industry.
• Make sure they encourage continuing education and have CE courses to offer.
• Ask how much time is allowed for actual practical work during the courses?
• Ask what you will receive for course manuals and materials.
• Ask how the subject matter is delivered. Students learn through different media. We deliver the course curriculum in written form, through lectures, practical portions in onsite courses, specimens, PowerPoint presentations, and plenty of discussions to address YOUR needs.
• Ask how the ratio of horses/dogs to people during the course.
• Ask how many students are in the class? Our courses are typically 6-14 people with teaching assistants on board with the lead instructor.
• Ask if anyone is available after the course to ask questions?
• Ask if the classroom is comfortable? Sitting in the barn aisle battling temperature, noise, and flies during lecture portions gets very tiring.
• Is the educational institute recognized or affiliated with any other institute or umbrella organization? We have plenty:
 Equinology, Inc. ® is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.
 Equinology's courses are approved and recognized by the International Equine Body Worker Association (IEBWA), the UK McTimoney Chiropractic Association, and the Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice.
 UK's McTimoney Chiropractic Association
 Equinology is an approved continuing education provider for the International Veterinary Chiropractic Associations. Select courses are approved for continuing professional development
 Equinology is an approved veterinary continuing education provider for RACE. Select courses are approved for continuing education. RACE-approved continuing education is recognized by most AAVSB Member Boards.
 Equinology's and Caninology's courses and online classes are accepted by the American Council of Animal Naturopathy (ACAN) as electives and/or continuing education for certified animal and veterinary naturopaths.
 Equinology is a preferred educational provider of the International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork / Association of Canine Water Therapy
 Equinology® is proud to link with the US-based RACE-approved Academy of Animal Sport Science (AASS) programs, which offer global education in evidence-based animal sports therapy and rehabilitation!
 Equinology partnered with her sister company Equinenergy and continues to offer the Equinology Equine and/or Canine Body Worker Certification Course as an adjunct module to the Writtle University College participants of BSc (Hons) Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation program, Chelmsford, UK, and the participants of the MVetPhys Veterinary Physiotherapy Degree program.
Ask your veterinarians who they work with or the school they would suggest attending. You will find most want to know that you had onsite supervision at some point in your training. They also want to know that you were required to do case studies and testing before receiving your qualification and that you are insured.

Event Venue

Dibden Equestrian Park, 782 Onkaparinga Valley Road,Oakbank,SA,Australia, Adelaide, Australia

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