Empowering the Highly Sensitive Woman: 5 Pillars to Energetic Sovereignty

Fri Feb 03 2023 at 07:00 pm to 08:15 pm

Bristol | Bristol

Danielle Morrisey
Publisher/HostDanielle Morrisey
Empowering the Highly Sensitive Woman: 5 Pillars to Energetic Sovereignty
Are you a highly sensitive woman struggling with exhaustion, overwhelm, and limiting beliefs?
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You have all your needs met. You feel a sense of wholeness and balance in yourself. You feel comfortable expressing your FULL, authentic Self. You know EXACTLY who you are.

You no longer live a life according to the standards or expectations of others.

You have clear boundaries that are respected by others because you are rooted in a strong sense of Self. You are guided by your inner authority, your intuitive center, your Truth.

In this online event you will Discover...

How to Bio-Hack your Brain to be in a lasting state of wellness using the 5 Pillars of Energetic Sovereignty.

The Secret to Unlock your Source of Limitless Energy.

Your path to a fulfilled life as a powerful, embodied, and whole version of your Self as a highly-sensitive empath.

Calling all Women...

Who are highly-sensitive and highly-attuned to their environment. Who tend to the needs of others. Women gifted with full, compassionate hearts and a desire to help humanity.

Calling all Women...

Who feel burned out, drained, and overwhelmed with life's hardships. Empathic women who take on the grief of their loved ones, of the collective.

Calling all Gentle Souls...

Who are done feeling like they're living someone else's life. Who are done being taken for granted, done with taking on the problems of others.

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Danielle Morrisey is a holistic, trauma-informed life coach specializing in embodiment, empowerment, mindfulness, and transformation for highly-sensitive and empathic women. With a background in mental health, psychology, sociology, and mysticism, Danielle guides clients through personal transformation and alignment with their Authentic & Empowered Self.

For offerings or to book a free call, visit daniellemorrisey.com


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