Ecom Collab Club - November 29th 2023

Wed Nov 29 2023 at 08:00 am to 11:00 am

ODEON Luxe West End | London

eCom Collab Club
Publisher/HosteCom Collab Club
Ecom Collab Club - November 29th 2023
Sick and tired of online eCommerce events? Join us monthly in LONDON for REAL people and REAL talk - all things eCommerce. Read more...
About this Event

eCommerce agencies and tech partners. Listen up.

Online events suck

We all want to grow in 2023

We all wish we did partnerships better

There are some freakin' awesome people in UK eCommerce that we haven't met.

If you're nodding your head like a well-oiled nodding donkey - well, you've come to the right link from your daily LinkedIn scan.

eCommerce Collab Club brings together eCommerce agencies and tech partners under 1 warm, caffeinated roof. Not only will you get time to meet and chat (or netwwerrrrk), but you'll also get treated to a fireside chat and Q&A tackling some of the biggest questions we all have about the industry and partnerships.

Sold? If so, just grab a ticket now and ignore the rest of the drivel here. Oh, you want more? OK.

Who is this for?

If you're an eCommerce merchant/entrepreneur, well we're sorry, this isn't one for you. BUT, if you're a:

- Development Agency (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Wordpress, Wix)

- Paid Ad Agency working with eCommerce brands

- SEO Agency working with eCommerce brands

- A SaaS company working with eCommerce brands or agencies

- A tech partner working with eCommerce brands or agencies

Then roll up, roll up.

TOPIC FOR NEXT EVENT - Amplify sales through partnerships? 3 ways to do it.

What's the meaning of life? Too heavy? OK, well what are we ALL here for? To sell some eCom stuff., right? Right. When we talk about partnerships, we all trying to sell, but sometimes it feels like this eludes us as an agency or tech partner.

Now, wouldn't it be great if we had someone who did both, and could share how they've built

1. Sales through partnerships as an agency

2. Sales through partnerships as a tech provider

3. Sales through partnerships being a core part of their product.

Well, call me the genie because you've rubbed the right lamp. For this months's fireside chat, we're joined by Luke Green and ECC legend, Ian Rabbidge from Alvio, as they take us through their tips and tricks, and how others can better monetise partnerships through Alvio.

PLUS.....Don't forget the 2023 FlameNCo awards happening right after the fireside.

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Event Photos
Event Photos
Why should I bother?

Well my eCommerce brothers and sisters, we've seen first hand how partnerships between agencies and tech partners can generate some incredible results. No, I'm not talking about that pretty little case study, but big juicy tangible projects that can turn around the fortunes of agencies and tech partners alike. Already have partners? How good a partner are you? This event can help with that too. Plus, what the hell else are you doing at 8 am on a Wednesday?

What's the setup?

Ok, so rock up at 8 am at a nice venue that isn't in the arse end of no-where. Have a chat with the folks you do know and then get them to introduce you to the ones you don't. Head through to the cinema and listen in to a no holds barred fireside chat (think Piers Morgan's life stories without the idiot and a bit of eCommerce). Ask some questions to put the tech partner and agency on the spot and then meet up after for some more chinwagging and Linkedin adding. No accountants, no HR consultants and no photocopier salespeople.

Check out the new Swanky venue, starting on April 26th.....

Event Photos
Event Photos
Who's hosting it?

Adam Pearce and Carmen Alldred. Think of them like a brother and sister who both do eCom. And maybe slightly unhinged.

Yeah. You'll see.

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ODEON Luxe West End, 38a Leicester Square, London, United Kingdom


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