Dance Theatre Workshops

Sat Apr 22 2023 at 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm

89 Rue de Hollerich | Luxembourg

Raffaella D'Angelo - Artemysia Theatre
Publisher/HostRaffaella D'Angelo - Artemysia Theatre
Dance Theatre Workshops
Dance Theatre Workshop
Let your body think, let your mind to dance
About this Event

DANCE THEATRE MONTHLY ACADEMYDirected by Futura Manna and Raffaella D'Angelo

We use an original method that takes inspiration from Pina Bausch's Tanz Theater, modern and contemporary dance and the work of Jerzy Grotowski's on "physical actions."The theater finds its “dance” dimension by interacting with space, rhythm, intentions, with audible or visible music; dance finds its theatrical dimension by allowing characters to exist and express themselves, “dramatic” situations to unfold in the stage space.Each participant will then be actor and dancer at the same time, without being bound by a specific choreographic style or a determined theatrical frame. Each participant will shape his own imaginary and make it visible and shared with the others. The “Theater-Dance” workshop is open to everybody, with or without experience, the aim being to share an intense experience of personal development, creativity and well-being.

Classes schedule : 28/01, 18/02, 11/03, 12/03, 22/04, 13/05

Where: FLOW, 89 rue de Hollerich, L-1741 Luxembourg City

Pricing: 200 euro for the Course - [40 euro for 1 session]

Languages: English/French

For info & subscriptions: [email protected], 661448824

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89 Rue de Hollerich, 89 Rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


EUR 200.00

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