Crystal bowl Sound Bath with intuitive guidance and energy reading

Sun Apr 28 2024 at 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm

West 30th Street | New York

Hanna-Leena Olvera
Publisher/HostHanna-Leena Olvera
Crystal bowl Sound Bath with intuitive guidance and energy reading
Immerse yourself in a transformative blend of sound therapy and intuitive wisdom for an insightful and rejuvenating experience.
About this Event

We will begin with a brief meditation to invite you to ease into the present moment. You will experience a rejuvenating sound bath followed by intuitive guidance and energy insights through psychic reading.

The resonance of crystal bowl sound vibrations guides you inward, enveloping you in a meditative cocoon. The symphony of the sounds is shown to promote relaxation, stress reduction, a sense of balance, and renewal while enhancing your overall well-being. Intuitive guidance and energy insights that are tailored to your unique journey, address your current circumstances, challenges, and potential. The guidance serves as a tool for self-reflection and empowerment, providing inspiration, clarity, and direction for your path ahead.

All types of questions and inquiries are welcome. You can come prepared with a question or leave it up to the moment if none comes to mind.
Many people report a heightened state of awareness of their energy and a release of emotional blockages during and after the sound bath that harmonizes their mind, body, and spirit. Because a sound bath can often feel like an attunement or release work, following up with intuitive guidance can show you if a new path has been opened or cleared. Intuitive guidance often brings up excitement and more centered confidence, leaving one feeling more relaxed in their choice-making and/or with a newfound direction to follow.
Let this experience catalyze personal growth, helping you gain a fresh perspective on your life's journey and cultivate a sense of presence, mindfulness, inner peace, purpose, and direction.

About facilitators:

Hanna-Leena Olvera
Hanna-Leena is a multidisciplinary practitioner who holds circles and sacred spaces to help people connect back to their true essence, passion, and joy. With her tools of sound, meditation, breathwork, movement, ceremonial cacao, and other plant allies, she guides people toward self-discovery and healing. Hanna-Leena's work as a Thai yoga bodyworker, Reiki, and Focalizing practitioner, as well as her lifelong career in dance, allows her to facilitate profound shifts in people's well-being.
Anya Katsevman
With more than 20 years of dance and coaching experience, Anya has access and an unmatched understanding of the body—the way it holds trauma, the way it communicates, and its ability to release and heal. She uses this unique understanding and experience to help her clients see what’s holding them back and expand their consciousness, bringing personal growth, happiness, and fulfillment.
After going through her own journey with illness and pain, Anya has fully developed her psychic and healing abilities. Using source energy, access to spirit guides, higher self, Akashic records, and Reiki. Anya’s predictions are spot-on, accurate, and extremely detailed, and her ability to see shadowed qualities and bring them to the forefront to be loved is truly profound.

You will receive the exact address and other detailed information via email after reservation.

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West 30th Street, West 30th Street, New York, United States


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