Coworking Accountability Session & LUNCH SOCIAL (in person)

Thu May 02 2024 at 10:00 am to 02:00 pm

CrackleMi Cafe- Fremont | Seattle

Seattle Women Solo Bosses
Publisher/HostSeattle Women Solo Bosses
Coworking Accountability Session & LUNCH SOCIAL (in person)
Small group coworking sessions with opening introductions and intention-setting for accountability.
About this Event

Open to women entrepreneurs and small business owners in Seattle.

Join us for a cafe coworking session in the company of other women solo bosses! We'll introduce each other, briefly discuss our intentions for the session, and update each other on our progress with previous goals. Attendance at previous and future Biweekly Support Group meetings is preferred and encouraged, but not mandatory!

We'll have tea and coffee during working hours (10am-12:30pm). Then feel free to stay after for a group Vietnamese lunch and social!

PLEASE “register” for each event. Tickets are free, but in order to pick a space that will work best for everyone, we need an accurate idea of how many people will attend.

  • If you're more than 15 minutes late for the start of the session, you may miss our introductions and intention-setting, but you're still welcome to join us while we cowork! Just find the host and she'll help get you settled.
  • The host will be there at the start of the event, but the timing is up to you. Feel free to arrive earlier, leave earlier, stay longer, or get lunch with someone in the group.
  • The session is what you make of it! The main group will cowork without much socializing or discussion, but folks can feel free to break away from the group to discuss something more specific.


Being your own boss can be lonely and isolating. Being your own boss and a woman comes with extra difficulties. Social conditioning and patriarchal norms make it hard for us to believe in ourselves. We face constant self-doubt, unnecessary perfectionism, and the discouraging imposter syndrome. As a woman and an entrepreneur, you’re up against a lot, but you’re not alone. With the support and guidance of like-minded peers, running your One Woman Show doesn’t have to mean doing everything all by yourself.

Our goal is to build a community of women who support each other through the highs and lows of running your own business. We’ll share our past experiences and strengths to help each other solve common problems as we create and maintain our businesses. We aim to create accountability, structure, and connection in a safe space where we can celebrate each other’s successes and provide encouragement through difficult challenges.

  • No spamming: This is not a platform for self-promotion without community engagement. While we will inevitably introduce each other to our companies, this group is not intended for empty networking. Our primary goal is to support each other as humans, not to maximize our business prospects and profits.
  • No TERFS: Transgender women are women, and we welcome all women entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and small business owners.
  • Beginners welcome: Prior business establishment is not required. We welcome those who are still in the process of developing business ideas and would like help getting started.
  • Respect: Please treat everyone in the group with respect. No hateful commentary of any kind will be tolerated.
  • Compassion: The challenges of running a business can bring up difficult emotions, so please show up with an open heart and treat each other with kindness.
  • Give as much as you take: With the combined experiences of our members, you’ll likely get a lot of free advice and referrals. Please also share your own resources, experiences, and expertise as best you can. Additionally, these events are run voluntarily by community members, so we are always looking for people to help host events, take on administrative tasks, and lead discussion groups.

  • In the Beforetimes, this group was known as “Girlboss Seattle.” Previous members have rebranded the community and are moving forward with a slightly different plan of action.
  • We will continue our bi-monthly discussion groups, but some will include pre-determined topics and some will be available for members to join virtually.
  • We are closing down the Meetup group and will now promote our events on Eventbrite. We will primarily communicate with our new email newsletter and will also post updates on Instagram.
  • We are experimenting with different locations in different areas all over the city. Please make note of each event’s location as described in its Eventbrite page.
  • PLEASE “register” for each event. All gatherings are free, but in order to pick a space that will work best for everyone, we need an accurate idea of how many people will attend.
  • We are also adding coworking events where we can work alongside each other and share our progress. Please see Eventbrite for details.

Event Venue & Nearby Stays

CrackleMi Cafe- Fremont, 709 North 35th Street, Seattle, United States


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