Cosmic Trio: Breathwork, Bodywork and Sound Bath with Mandy Hamilton

Sun May 12 2024 at 07:30 pm to 09:00 pm

The Center SF | San Francisco

The Center SF
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Cosmic Trio: Breathwork, Bodywork and Sound Bath with Mandy Hamilton We invite you to luxuriate in your senses and nurture your mind, body and spirit.
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Have you made time to nourish yourself lately? Self-care and self-exploration are most deliciously done through experiences. We invite you to luxuriate in your senses and nurture your mind, body and spirit with this Sunday’s Sacred Trio: Breathwork, Bodywork and Sound Bath by master facilitator Mandy Hamilton. Each of these modalities are potent on their own and together they are transcendent. Breathwork expands your awareness and moves stuck energy out of your body; Bodywork moves with your body to release tension; Sound Baths relax and reharmonize your mind and body. Think of this as a tune up for all parts of you.


We will then transition to a 15 minute journey with 3 part breathwork. This two inhale one exhale method is a 3 part breath that hyper-oxygenates the body. Breathing in this way removes toxins, and clears stagnant energy and stuck emotions out of the body. It allows you to find deep forms of relaxation and inner peace. It also rebalances your system and brings you back into a restful nervous system.


Each person will get a nourishing neck and shoulder massage during the experience.

Sound Bath

Our evening will be topped off by an hour of symphonic sound bath that combines ancient Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, gong, and other special instruments that you’ve likely never heard before. Mandy is an extensively trained sound practioner. Her melodies will sink you into deep relaxation and bring you back into harmony.

You will leave the evening feeling centered and deeply nourished.

Mandy is a former type-A go-getter turned spirit guide, life coach and sound practioner. She incorporates tools and techniques proven by modern science with esoteric and ancient shamanism to help people feel totally at home in their mind, body and spirit. Her trainings are vast and deep. She draws upon her work in Venture Capital, her published psychology research on behavior change, her years as a professional level athlete, and the following certifications: Master Coach, NLP Master Level Practioner, Holotropic Breathwork, Reiki Master Level and Sound Healing 100hr, Shamanism and Psychedelic Integration. She can’t wait to meet you.

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Meet Whitney (below) She is a transformation coach & practices transcendental bodywork out of her home in Marin. "I am passionate about guiding people through the healing of their mind/body & soul- nothing brings me more joy! Here to be vulnerable & untethered with all of you- let’s blast through the boundaries of our minds together!! "

Instagram at @morph2rise

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The Center SF, 548 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, United States


USD 44.00 to USD 55.00

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