Conscious Circle Miami

Thu Dec 07 2023 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm

1951 NW 7th Ave | Miami

Zen Zone Miami
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Conscious Circle Miami
Join us for a fun and informative conscious circle where we will start to define the language and engage in conversation as a community.
About this Event

For more than 15 years with more than 2000 people, this team has been viewing consciousness from a different lens. They have actually codified consciousness and have created an extremely effective tech enabled protocol to elevate consciousness. With this vast and profound new body of knowledge, they have decided to bring together and amplify real, meaningful, and practical information about “being conscious”. They will share their knowledge and experience for free through this platform. They will also invite others to share their experience, wisdom, and knowledge with being conscious.

Pathwaves is disrupting human evolution and leveling up what we know about consciousness by empowering people to take control of their nervous systems functions transforming their lives, and the lives of many people around them, ultimately shifting our global vibration out of fear into love. In partnership with Supermind, they are launching the world's first at home nervous system training hat. Unlike traditional mental health applications, the results are measurable, based on real time brainwaves. Early tests show that users experience thoughts and emotions that are happier, healthier and show a 70% improvement in their mental health.

Join us for a fun and informative conscious circle where we will start to define the language and engage in this important conversation as we move into the conscious age as a community. The first gathering will have “The side effects of Being Conscious as its primary subject.”

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Geoff Cole, Judi Pasos & Ryan Landau

About G. Cole

G. Cole is an innovator, disruptor, inventor, author, public speaker, brainwave analyst expert, Life Coach, mentor, entrepreneur, healer, teacher, science enthusiast, founder, spiritual guide, creative creator and thought leader.

As one of the world’s foremost experts in brainwave analysis and neuroplasticity and in his role as Chief NeuroEmpowerment™️ Officer, G. has helped over 2,000 clients (men, women and children) to transform their lives, analyzed over 200,000 brain map segments; and created and facilitated more than 20,000 sessions. He has literally reviewed more than 1,000,000 minutes of brainwave recordings in this process. He attributes his effectiveness to the study of consciousness through brainwave recordings. He has literally created a lens through which we can view the inner workings of human consciousness as it flows through the nervous system.

G. is also the creator of NeuroEmpowerment™️, a pioneering science that balances the mind and body, empowering people to take control of their nervous system and live consciously in the present.

About Judi Pasos

Judi Pasos, Transformational Subconscious Psychotherapist, is a licensed mental health counselor and a certified yoga instructor. She holds a BS and MS from the University of Miami. She believes that psychotherapy in conjunction with accessing the mind-body-spirit connection within individuals and relationships is the key to improving any situation.

She has dedicated her career to healing trauma in the Miami community. Her passion lies in accessing the mind-body-spirit relationship to help people heal themselves and thus the relationships around them. After much experience within the Miami-Dade foster system and working with families, individual and couples. She has married the worlds of psychotherapy and yoga and this is where her unique perspective and style has emerged.

About Ryan Landau

Ryan is a husband, a father, and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over a decade of clinical experience successfully empowering individuals to create a life beyond anything they thought possible!

He is the co-founder of Pathwaves, co-creator of its transformational methodology NeuroEmpowerment™️, an associate therapist with her beloved wife Judi Landau-Pasos at Be Well and Rise, and co-founder of The Awakening Partnership.

His evolving expertise in the area of mind-body health and wellness empowers individuals to transform different areas of their life. Simply put, his clients begin to understand and practice co-creating a new perspective that will include neuroscience-backed and psychologically-significant insights, as well as the spiritually-driven practices that resolve the behavioral patterns connected to the unhealed trauma that lives in our neural pathways and that often - unconsciously - sabotages our life in a variety of ways. The principles of neuroplasticity can now scientifically explain why when we align the mind, body, and spirit, we can become more conscious of the patterns that no longer serve us and begin to live a more joyful and fulfilling life.

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