Connecting with Power House Within. Meditation for Students : Charlotte

Sun Dec 10 2023 at 09:45 am to 10:45 am | Charlotte

Free Guided Meditation
Publisher/HostFree Guided Meditation
Connecting with Power House Within. Meditation for Students : Charlotte
Sunday Free Guided Meditation. Experience thoughtless awareness by awakening energy within for good concentration,
dynamic personality.
About this Event

Meditate Meet and be Motivated
About this Event

An interactive introductory workshop with experienced Sahaja Yoga practitioners to teach you meditation with techniques to clear your subtle system and help you go deeper into the meditative state.

It's not easy to concentrate during our day to day activities. There are exams, assignments, peer pressure, crushing deadlines! For students to study well and also survive in corporate life tomorrow, it is essential that they should be confident, courageous, have great self-esteem and be truthful to shine and enjoy their life.

How to join?

We recommend joining by laptop for better experience.

You can join up to 30 minutes before start of event if you have some queries or would like some one to one help before meditation session starts. This is a recurring session that serves beginners and above. No prior experience needed. If you are unable to join us don't worry, you can always rejoin us on any subsequent date. After few sessions you are placed in next level where introduction is skipped and we share more techniques.

Expected Outcome of class?
  1. Self discovery, healing and development through inner energy awakening.
  2. Loving self by getting balanced and enjoying moments.
  3. Applying meditation – Round table: Securing our identity and being ready for global corporate world.
  4. No previous experience in meditation required.
  5. One to one help and workshops with group practice.
  6. Join in at anytime, even if you miss a session.
  7. Seat on a chair or floor. No special clothing required.

Want to know more?

Meditation is proven by science to be beneficial. in Sahaja Yoga you will be able to perceive the awakening and balance that comes along.

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Please feel free to email or WhatsApp following in case you have more questions or face difficulties joining Zoom session. We will try to keep you informed about more meditation events.

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Stay safe and keep meditating!

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