Cleopatra's Pools | Journey to Siwa Oasis, Egypt

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Cleopatra's Pools | Journey to Siwa Oasis, Egypt
Embarking on a journey to Siwa, Egypt, is not just a voyage; it's an adventure woven with threads of history, mystery, and the vibrant hues of the desert landscape. As the sun-drenched dunes of the Sahara stretch to the horizon, Siwa emerges like a mirage—a timeless oasis inviting intrepid souls to unravel its ancient secrets.
Nestled between the Qattara Depression and the Great Sand Sea in the Western Desert, 50 kilometers east of the Egypt–Libya border, Siwa welcomes travelers into its mystical realm, filled with ancient tales, with a warm embrace.
Most known for its role in ancient Egypt as the home of Amun (sometimes referred to as Zeus), and the 26th Dynasty Temple of the Oracle located among the ruins of Aghurmi village, Siwa became famous when Alexander the Great made a detour here to consult the god and was declared son of Amun in the temple.
Gebel El-Mawta, the "mountain of the dead," stands as a silent witness to epochs gone by. Essentially a small hill at the northern end of Siwa Town, Gebel El-Mawta is honeycombed with rock tombs peppered with wall paintings of ancient gods and worship. Dating back to the Ptolemaic and Roman times, the tombs at Siwa were used by townspeople as shelter when the oasis was bombed by the Italians in WWII.
And of the many natural springs that bubble up from the ground in Egypt’s western desert, it is Cleopatra’s Pools that are most famous. For it is believed the ancient Egyptian Queen herself bathed here, surrounded by sand dunes and palm trees. And to this day local girls from Siwa bathe in the pools before they wed, in the hopes of becoming as pretty and charming as Cleopatra.
In central Siwa, we’ll find the Shali Fortress a 13th-century mud-brick labyrinth of huddled buildings built from kershef (chunks of salt from the local lake, mixed with rock and plastered in local clay). Dominated by spectacular organic shapes, it was once made up of buildings four to five storeys high housing hundreds of people. Now it is a mere shadow of its former self, but no less charming. And as we explore its alleyways, walking past the old mosque with its chimney-shaped minaret, on our way to the top for stunning panoramic views, we’ll find out just how much.
With each sunrise, Siwa unveils a new chapter, so be prepared to delve into the geological wonders of Bir Wahed a remote freshwater lake on the edge of the Great Sand Sea. Where just over the top of the dune we’ll be greeted with the gurgles of sulphurous water bubbles coming from the perfectly sized hot spring. Here ancient fossils tell tales of prehistoric eras, and with the setting sun, a campfire under the star-studded sky becomes a storyteller of its own.
Nature's creativity will unfold right before your very eyes as Siwa's untamed beauty, painted with vivid strokes, reveals itself as a canvas for exploration. Here, the enigmatic whispers of ancient rocks, and the tales written in the shifting sands spell an adventure etched in time, inviting you to immerse yourself in its mystique.
Let's go!
Meeting at airport for an evening flight to Alexandria.
Welcome to the land of Pharaoh. Post clearing immigration we will check in to our hotel. After breakfast start driving across desert with all shades of dunes to Siwa. Overnight in ecolodge.
Rise and shine, after breakfast we take a ride to Gebel El-Mawta the "mountain of the dead" and the ancient town of Shali to explore the abandoned fortress. We then visit the Temple of the Oracle and Cleopatra’s Pools before moving onto Gebel Dakrour, home to fascinating rock formations sculpted by the wind, which reveals marine life fossils nestled into the layers of its sandstone.
Following an early breakfast, we head out to Bir Wahed a remote freshwater lake on the edge of the Great Sand Sea. Tonight, we camp under the stars.
Good morning, and off we go to explore Abu Shrouf fresh water natural spring, and Bahi El-Dien village and archaeological site. Tonight, we stay in an ecolodge in Siwa.
After breakfast we check-out and make our way back to Alex, stopping for some last-minute souvenir shopping – time permitting – to catch our flight back home with a lifetime of memories.
Level of Difficulty: Easy, available to everyone.
Activities: Exploring, swimming, desert bashing, sightseeing.
COST: 4990 AED incl flights / 3910 excl flights, until APR 7th.
Rooms & Meals: Ecolodge - double sharing. Meals included, except restaurant meals on transfers, in Alexandria.
Specifically excluded:
meals on transfers,
Visas: Most of passports can obtain evisa or visa on arrival for 25 USD.
See yah in Egypt x
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