Central MIE MeetUP at Maroseyka 4

Fri Nov 26 2021 at 07:00 pm to 11:59 pm UTC+03:00

Центральный рынок на Маросейке | Moscow

MIE - Moscow International Events
Publisher/HostMIE - Moscow International Events
Central MIE MeetUP at Maroseyka 4
We prepared something totally new for the end of November: International Meetup goes to the Central Market in Maroseyka 4/2. Starting from 19:00 we'll be enjoying socializing, practising languages, board games, international food, great music and much more...
Everybody is welcome: locals, foreigners, students, tourists, the only requirement is good mood and the will to spend a nice evening and early night together!
How to join? Very simple: Click going to the event in FB or MeetUP.com, and on Friday 26.11 come to the third floor of Maroseyka Central Market complex, to the MIE welcome desk. Once there say your password (INTERNATIONAL) and get a free welcome wristband that entitles you to discounts on food and drinks between 10% and 20% on the majority of restaurants, bars, bakeries inside de complex (the full list will be published in the discussion board, 10 days before the event) and to access our reserved areas.
What to expect? What's the program?
- Start at 19:00 we'll arrange the tables at the 3rd floor for our activities, like socializing, practising languages and so on but you're free to visit all floors.
- We'll have a DJ with background music at first from 21:00 and then, more entertaining, international music only ;)
- Restaurants on all 3 floors will be participating, so you can have a chance to try greek, japanese, italian, korean food, or burgers, or even vegetarian and vegan food with a big discount (getting the free wristband at the 3rd floor).
- Many dedicated areas in front of the main bar for socializing, standing, if not sitting, and the best international friendly atmosphere you always get from MIE.
NB: Our main monthly event schedule includes, as always, the International Meet-UP and the International VIP, together with other events, check them out at:

Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Центральный рынок на Маросейке, Маросейка 4, Moscow, Russia, 101000, Moscow, Russia

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