Cacao Ceremony w/ Hans Austin & Mayan Elder, Nana Marina Cruz

Thu Apr 25 2024 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

150 W 28th St suite 303 | New York

Hans Austin
Publisher/HostHans Austin
Cacao Ceremony  w\/ Hans Austin & Mayan Elder, Nana Marina Cruz
Join us for this Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony and Sounbath with Hans Austin and Mayan Tz'utujil Spiritual Leader, Nana Marina Cruz!
About this Event

Join me for this rare and special Cacao Ceremony alongside my elder and teacher, Nana Marina Cruz, who is an indigineous spiritual leader from the Tz'utujil community in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. During her short visit to New York for U.N. talks, she has blessed me with her support and will attend to share some of the ancestral wisdom of the Maya Cosmovision and Sacred Cacao. It is rare that an opportunity of this kind presents itself, so I'm excited to share this opportunity.

☕ The journey will begin with a serving of one of the most rare and original types of Cacao called "Criollo." One of the original varieties enjoyed by the ancient Maya that makes up only 2% of the World Crop today making it truly special. It is prepared in Guatemala and blessed in ceremony by Nana Marina Cruz herself.

? We will then do a brief dive into what Cacao is and it's connection to the sacred Calendar of the Maya. April 25th in the Mayan Calendar is 13 Aq'ab'al. 13 Representing our Ancestors and Aq'ab'al representing duality, renewal, and the concept of opposites, such as light and dark, day and night. It also symbolizes new beginnings, the potential for transformation, and the balance between different aspects of life. We will explore what it means to balance those aspects of ourselves by bringing ancestral teaching into our modern life.

?‍♂️ Following this, you will lay down and be led through a sound bath conducted by myself and Yogini Andrea (Annapurna) Bertucci.

? The combination of the sound bath and ceremonial cacao will create a synergetic effect, amplifying the transformative power of the experience. You may find yourself immersed in a meditative state, experiencing deep peace, and possibly encountering insights and visions that arise from within.

*A portion of ticket sales will be donated directly to the Tz'utujil community.




Known as "Food for The Gods," by the Mayans, Cacao is essentially chocolate in its unprocessed raw form. From its origins in the Equadorian Amazon, cacao traveled to Southern Mexico where it was used first by the pre-Olmec peoples, then the Olmecs, the Maya, and the Aztecs. Considered more valuable than gold, It was used for many things including spiritual practices, medicinal uses and as a currency. Eventually it was brought to the Caribbean and the rest of the world by the Spaniards to create the processed chocolate we currently enjoy today.

Spiritually, pure Cacao helps us to journey within. It asks us to listen and feel. It helps us connect to our hearts, cultivate self-love, increase awareness, and support us on our path. It will also serve to heighten your senses and reconnect you directly to the heart of mother earth herself. And let's not forget it's numerous health benefits!
What you could feel with Sacred Cacao

Feeling grounded - Energy Boost - An open heart sensation - Pure happiness and bliss - A deeper connection with your emotions - A feeling of belonging and love toward others - An ease to speak your Truth -A remembrance of ancestral practices

Other benefits include:

  • Reduces appetite and helps in weight loss
  • High in Magnesium
  • 40x the antioxidants of blueberries
  • Acts as an antidepressant and balances the mood
  • Helps to reduce PMS symptoms and regulates it
  • Highest plant source of Iron on the planet
  • Releases dopamine, seratonin and endorphins in the brain
  • Helps with cardiovascular health by dilating blood vessels
  • Assists in regulating heartbeat and blood pressure
  • Helps to protect from environmental and metabolic toxins
  • Helps to increase focus and alertness
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Helps with healthy pancreas function
  • Facilitates anti-aging and rejuvenation


In general, a sound bath is a meditative experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves. These waves are produced by various sources, including healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles, tuning forks, and even the human voice itself.

The general intention of a sound bath is to create a state of harmony in the listener by using sound to clear discordance from the participants' energy fields. Among the benefits are relaxation, an increased sense of wellbeing, expanded awareness, and access to inner visionary experiences.


Hans Austin

Born in New York from parents of Haitian and African roots, Hans is a trained sound healing and certified Reiki practitioner as well as a student of Mayan Cosmology initiated in Cacao under the guidance of Mayan Tz'utujil Spiritual Leader, Nana Marina Cruz!
Nana Marina Cruz

Daughter of the late world renowned Maya spiritual leader, Tata Pedro Cruz, Nana Marina Cruz is a healer from the Tz ́utujil Tribe, and is a spiritual guide of the old traditions. She works not just as a healer and therapist with natural folk methods, but as a ceremonial leader of fire, tobacco, cacao, sweat lodge, and also teaches native Mayan languages.
Andrea Bertucci (Annapurna)

Andrea was trained in Thailand by the Sivananda Yoga Organization where she met her guru, Prahalad ji, and was initiated into her spiritual name, Annapurna. From then she went on to live with her guru in India along with other yogis and renunciates (swamis) where she learned how to live the life of a Yogi. While in India she served as Karma Yogi who taught Hatha Yoga classes and became a meditation and Vedanta (yoga philosophy) teacher.​ She also completed her 300 Hour Advance Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala, India receiving the title Yoga Acharya, "Yoga Master".
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