Bullet-proof Self-confidence | Budapest Personal Development Meetup (Vol. 223)

Wed Apr 03 2024 at 06:30 pm to 09:30 pm

CREATE26 | Budapest

Bullet-proof Self-confidence | Budapest Personal Development Meetup (Vol. 223)
How many opportunities have you missed out on because self-doubt held you back?
• Have you hesitated to apply for your dream job, fearing you lack the necessary skills and knowledge?
• Do you struggle to accept compliments or take credit for your achievements, downplaying your contributions?
• Have you avoided leadership roles or responsibilities, fearing making mistakes and public judgment?
• Do you find yourself craving compliments and approval from others to make yourself happy?
• Perhaps you've felt intimidated talking to someone attractive, doubting your worth and attractiveness compared to others?
• Or maybe you've found it hard to say no to friends, prioritising their approval over your own needs?
• Did childhood criticisms from your parents or constant self-doubt leave you feeling "not good enough"?
• Do you constantly compare yourself to others or set impossibly high standards, feeling disappointed when you fall short?
If any of these resonate with you, its a sign that you lack self-confidence. But it's not late to reclaim it and unlock your actual potential. The good news is self-confidence isn't a trait we're born with – it's a skill we develop.
If you are interested in how to regain your confidence, our community is welcoming you at the workshop in this Meetup. We will guide you to learn proven strategies to 1️⃣ silence self-doubt, 2️⃣ overcome limiting beliefs, and 3️⃣ cultivate resilience.
Are you ready to take the first step towards a more confident, empowered you?
Are you driven by personal growth? Join our meetup to 1️⃣ discover yourself with thought-provoking & deeply meaningful subjects, 2️⃣ learn new skills & knowledge that improve your life, and 3️⃣ connect with our growth-seeking and open-minded community who share your passion for learning, intellectual challenges and self-improvement.
Tickets here: https://www.whisperevents.eu/event-details/budapest-personal-development-meetup-vol-223
?PREVIEW?: new to our community? Listen to what our members say in this video: https://www.whisperevents.eu/personal-development-meetup-budapest
❤️ Our meetup is especially friendly for INTROVERT people. ❤️
CREATE26 Coworking Space
Address: 1061 Budapest, Király utca 26.
❗️1st floor, to the right side, entrance at the end of the hallway.❗️Follow the WHISPER banner.
☑️ Early Birds tickets (available till 18:50 of the event day): 3000 HUF / person, which includes ❤️unlimited welcome drinks.❤️
☑️ Last-minute tickets (available till 1 hour after the event starts): 4000 HUF / person. The purpose is to encourage you to register early because knowing the accurate participant count helps us optimize seating arrangements, prevent chaos, and minimize waste.
☑️ Purchase tickets here: https://www.whisperevents.eu/event-details/budapest-personal-development-meetup-vol-223
Started in 2018, this meetup is one of WHISPER's signature programs.
With members from 30+ nationalities and cultures, our Mastermind Groups offer a unique opportunity to help you accelerate progress toward your goals.
Had enough small talk? You're not alone! We embrace Real Talks, heartfelt and stimulating conversations that leave you feeling energized, motivated, and supported on your journey of self-improvement.
Do you enjoy self-discovery & improvement, intellectual challenges and diving into deeply meaningful topics? We provide a diverse array of thought-provoking subjects in the workshop for group exercises and constructive debates, broadening your horizons and empowering you with a fresh mindset and knowledge to make a real impact in your everyday life. We raise your awareness in areas you haven't even thought of.
❤️ Our meetup is a SAFE place where we SUPPORT each other with empathy, understanding, and being good listeners. You are encouraged to speak your mind FREELY and authentically! ❤️ We tell the uncomfortable truth, not comforting lies.
In the end, you'll experience an evening filled with meaningful connections, emotional resonance, and intellectual stimulation, all while having loads of fun!
1️⃣ 18:30 - 18:45: Arrival, music & welcome drinks
2️⃣ 18:45 - 19:00: Pre-event networking
3️⃣ 19:00 - 21:00 Guided Interactive Workshops & Group Exercides
❗️We start SHARP at 19:00 ❗️with a warm welcome to new members and a brief introduction of its purpose and mission. In every event, our workshop will focus on one fresh pivotal topic. Guided by WHISPER teams, our workshop helps you reveal thought-provoking perspectives and useful skill sets you can apply immediately to your life to make a difference.
4️⃣ 21:00 - End: Post-event networking to finish a nice evening.
✅ SPONSOR: ❤️❤️❤️
CREATE26 Coworking Space (https://create26.hu/) is the event space sponsor for our signature weekly event.
As one of the most well-known coworking spaces located in the heart of Budapest, CREATE26 provides meeting rooms, top-notch coworking offices, and flexible office rental solutions. If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, small to medium-sized company, or a professional looking for a quality work life, book a free office tour.
If you already have symptoms such as sore throat, coughing, fever, headache, bad stomach, loss of taste and smell etc. please stay at home. We will be happy to have you back once you recover.
⚠️ WARNING: ⚠️ To maintain a safe and enjoyable environment at our community events, we reserve the authority to immediately exclude any participants, with the assistance of our security guards or law enforcement if necessary, whose behavior negatively affects the community atmosphere. We don't have the obligation to provide any detailed explanations.
We may take photos / videos in the event for future marketing purposes. By coming to the event, you agree by default to allow our usage of the graphic material containing your images.
This event ticket is NOT refundable in case of a customer no-show. It will be refunded in case if the event is canceled. Ticket holders must present their tickets on entry. You can either print your ticket or present the digital version.
WHISPER is a Budapest-based community dedicated to creating positive changes through live events in areas of psychology, personal development, and relationship & dating.
With already 300+ live events for 2000+ members, we have been on a mission of transforming people's lives since 2016.
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CREATE26, Király utca 26, Budapest 1061, Magyarország,Budapest, Hungary


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