Breath Meditation, Breathwork, Pranayama, Sound Healing, vent grief.Summ

Sun Mar 26 2023 at 08:00 am to 09:00 am

Summerlin, Las Vegas Nevada On Line | Las Vegas

International School of Healing Arts
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Breath Meditation, Breathwork, Pranayama, Sound Healing, vent grief.Summ
It's about your Breath Release meditation practice. Create new distinctions, relationships, attitudes. Releasing, trauma, grief & PTSD. Summ
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This is an online event. Your Zoom link will be provided following your registration. SN

Through the practice of breath work, Reiki & Zen Energy Balancing we will use the power of your emotions to help fuel your life's transformation.

“Together we can create unique ways to helping you find peace of mind, Soul fulfillment and Rewarding Personal Connections."

This an introduction to the art of Breath Release, an introduction to our work. I have worked with people in Europe as well as America ...

Your breath can guide and unite both your Inner and outer journey.

Love is the always the answer, especially for self! Courage is the key. Breathing is your Guide…. Let it Be. Let's start

Breath Release session recommendations.

Please download Zoom in advance and see that it is working for your experience.

For the session you will need a space where you will be able to lay down and have privacy so you can make some sounds. That or a place where you can tell anyone in the next room to ignore the noises you may make.

You will want to adjust the camera to allow me to see your breathing. Usually a downward headshot which includes your torso and legs while you are laying down.

A heads up, you will want to have an empty stomach. No food or drink other than just some light water or fruit juice, however not too much and not near your session. That means no food 3 hours prior to our session.

Wear loose clothes ... no tight clothing or belts.... so you can easily and fully breathe.

Please have a blanket that you can use to cover yourself should you become cold during your session.

See you soon!


P.S. This event is free or donation based however you wish to support the International School of Healing Arts it is greatly appreciated!

P.S.S. Bob will soon be traveling to your area soon and will be available for in person sessions. They can be one on one, couple or groups as small or as large as you wish. Contact him directly to arrange the time and location.

These are holistic practices, complementary to and not intended to replace your western medicine relationship. If you are pregnant or epileptic these practices may not be for you, consult your Physician . If you have Diabetes or have any physical or mental health conditions it is recommended that before beginning any session or wellness plan, you notify your primary care physician or your other licensed providers of health care of your intention to use Practitioner/s’ services, the nature of the wellness services to be provided and any wellness plan that may be utilized and obtain their approval. It is also recommended that you ask your primary care physician or other licensed providers of health care about any potential drug interactions, side effects, risks or conflicts between any medications or treatments prescribed by your primary care physician or other licensed providers of health care and the holistic wellness services you intend to receive.

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You will want an eye pillow or a folded wash cloth or hand towel (thirds or quarters) seem to work well to cover your eyes. It will keep the light out and help remind you to keep your eyes closed and focus on your breath.

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Camera angle: An over the shoulder quarter angle allows me to see your breath, movement of hands, legs and hopefully your feet.

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Summerlin, Las Vegas Nevada On Line, 11322 Parkside Way, Las Vegas, United States


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