Beltane Retreat with Cacao + Fire Ceremony: Activate your Dreams + Purpose

Sun May 05 2024 at 11:30 am to 06:30 pm

Private Location near Wandsworth Town/Clapham Junction | London

Fouzia Javaid
Publisher/HostFouzia Javaid
Beltane Retreat with Cacao + Fire Ceremony: Activate your Dreams + Purpose Join us for a magical healing Beltane Retreat with a Cacao + Fire Ceremony + Gong Bath to Activate your Dreams, Creativity and Soul Purpose!
About this Event

☼☼ ☼ Open your Heart, Activate your Dreams, Creativity + Soul Purpose ☼ ☼

Beltane + 5/5 Portal Day Retreat with Cacao & Rose Ceremony, Movement Meditation, Fire Ceremony + Gong Bath

This Sacred Beltane (May Day) Day Retreat is intended to help you Align with your Higher Self, Open more to the Love that you truly Are & Activate your Dreams, Creativity & Soul Purpose. The more you anchor in the Truth of your Heart, the more you open up to a life of greater Joy, Ease, Love, Grace, Alignment & Purpose. To ignite the flames of Love and fully open your Heart to the Light of your Self & live a life of greater Alignment, aided by Cacao & the Ceremonial Space. So that you may flow into the coming Summer more anchored in your Heart Light, Clarity & Creativity, letting go of all energies that no longer serve you. Take time out to fully nourish, restore and nurture yourself. You will also receive an Activation from the 5/5 Portal on the 5th day of the 5th month to help bring you into deeper Inner Balance.

We gather in Community to celebrate Beltane on the 5/5 Portal. Beltane is an auspicious time in the Celtic Wheel, celebrating Mother Earth in bloom in the peak of Spring & it lies midway between the Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice. A time when the veil between the human world, and the world of faeries & nature spirits is thinner. A time for coming together, to celebrate life & to honour the fertility & beauty of Nature, as Nature is in bloom. It is a magical time to be in sacred Community, Align with your Higher Self & Celebrate the Light that you Are! The potent energies of Beltane will support you to Activate your deeper Dreams, Clarity, Creativity & Soul Purpose. Clear out the cobwebs of winter & kick start positive change in your life!

The invitation is to Activate your Heart, ignite your Creativity & shine your Light! Gather in community & focus on who you Truly - an incredible & powerful being & Creator of Love Light! Let go of fear & anchor in Love, Trust, Peace & Joy. The theme of this retreat will be to Activate your Dreams, Creativity & Soul Purpose, supported by the creative fertile energies of Spring. Wherever you are in your soul journey, the potent energies of Beltane can be used to kick start your life in the direction that your soul is inviting you into!

May this Retreat be a full Remembrance of the powerful Creator you Truly Are. May you Remember your Soul's Purpose for choosing to incarnate on planet Earth at this powerful time of collective Awakening. May you Awaken your Soul Gifts & share the Love of your Heart with those around.

May our collective Light uplift the whole of humanity & support those that are suffering, sick or deeply in fear. For we are Beacons of Light that have chosen to be on Earth at this time. We already are what we are seeking. So let's shine together, for together we are stronger!

You can accelerate your spiritual growth by intentional inner journeying with like-minded souls in a Ceremonial space. This will be a deeply healing, restoring, celebratory & nourishing sacred Day Retreat in a healing Sanctuary, full of Peace, Love, Joy & Stillness. A safe space to release the old & welcome the New. Journeying together in a Group in Sacred Ceremonial Space at this time provides a powerful Alchemical Chamber for Inner Growth & Transformation.

This will be an intimate Retreat in a safe and lovingly held space in a private location in South West London (the address is provided upon booking). Receive a Heart & Light Body Activation & DNA upgrade. In our opening Cacao & Rose Ceremony in sacred circle, we will Activate our Hearts & share our Intentions, in the spirit of Unity, Equality and Community, all Hearts’ joining as One. Our focus will be to gain clarity on our deeper dreams, visions & soul purpose at this time & I will share my own personal journey to inspire you. We'll gently then move the body with some Movement Meditation to allow Mama Cacao to work her Magic to move stagnant energy & open your Heart. This session will end with a mini Gong Bath to help integrate the energies. There are 3 spots available for just the opening Cacao & Rose Ceremony in case you are unable to attend for the whole day.

After the Cacao & Rose Ceremony, we will share a Community Brunch (please bring vegetarian/vegan food to share). Then we work with the power of Fire, as a sacred transmuter of lower energy in a purifying, cleansing & releasing Fire Ceremony. The Fire Ceremony will be supported with the power of the sacred Drum, Movement & sacred Sound. We will all sing & dance together in community! Open to more of your Inner Light as we honour the coming Summer! To release any blocks & stagnant energy to help you activate the flames of your Heart, to Activate your Creativity, Purpose & Passion, to open to more Love & Celebrate your Inner Light. The Fire Ceremony will be in the Healing Garden if the weather is dry. Otherwise inside.

The retreat ends with a second nourishing mini Gong Bath of around 10-15 minutes to integrate, heal, soothe and wash away any lower energies.

☼ Cacao (raw chocolate) & Rose Ceremony to Open the Heart, Heart Meditation, Heart & Light Body Activation, DNA Upgrade, Intention Setting

☼ Heart Wisdom Teachings to Activate your Dreams, Creativity & Soul Purpose

☼ Chanelling the Beltane energies

☼ Journalling & Reflection on your deeper dreams & passions

☼ Dreams + Soul Purpose Activation

☼ Movement Meditation

☼ Fire Ceremony to release the old & Purify, Activate your Creativity & Purpose & Celebrate your Light with the sacred Drum & our voices

☼2 Mini Gong Baths to Nourish, Heal & Restore Inner Connection

☼ Closing Circle

☼ Community Brunch (Please bring vegan/vegetarian food to share)

An intimate Day Retreat, in a lovingly held safe space, working with the Spirit of Cacao, to open our Hearts. Cacao is a sacred ceremonial medicine used by the ancients in Southern and Central America for thousands of years, where it was seen as “a hotline to the Divine”. Cacao is a light and gentle plant medicine but it can also work more deeply on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. We will also work with the gentle Heart medicine of Rose, blended into the Cacao.

Magic happens in sacred ceremonial spaces. I would be honoured if you allowed me to guide you through this Retreat journey, back into the One Heart.

Please be on time! The sacred space will stay open after we end for those that want to connect more.


☼ The plant medicine Cacao (raw Ceremonial chocolate) & Rose to open the Heart in sacred Ceremony

☼ Heart Meditation & Light Body & DNA Activations with Channelled Guidance

☼ Heart Wisdom Teachings

☼ Dreams + Soul Purpose Activation

☼ Movement Meditation

☼ A Fire Ceremony & Intention setting, in a beautiful garden weather permitting (otherwise indoors with our fireplace), to release the old. Fire is a powerful transmuter of dense energies & a great purifier

☼ The sacred sounds of the Gong to harmonise & realign

☼ A Community meal in a beautiful setting with like-minded souls- bring vegetarian or vegan food for yourself or to share

☼ Herbal tea on arrival & through the Retreat

☼ Sacred Smudge Blessing to clear your energy field

This is a small and intimate nourishing Retreat, taking place in a peaceful, beautiful and cosy private location 10 mins walk from Wandsworth Town or 15 mins from Clapham Junction (full address revealed upon booking). Please book early to guarantee a spot. Any questions email Fouzia at [email protected] or call/text 07411 174247.


This Sacred Day Retreat is for you if you would like to:

☼ Open your Heart & Anchor in your Higher Self

☼ Open to more Self Love, Compassion & Joy

☼ Get Clarity & Activate your deeper Dreams, Creativity, Passion + Soul Purpose

☼ Release blocks, stuck energy & release the past

☼ Connect with a Community of beautiful souls & Celebrate Beltane

☼ Restore Inner Connection, Presence & deepen into the Love, Peace & Stillness within

☼ Welcome Inner Balance, Harmony, increase Creativity, Deep Relaxation & Ground

☼ Make the most of the powerful planetary energies available


Exact timings may change as I move intuitively with the Group.

☼ 11.30-11.45am - Arrival & Welcome to the Temple Space (complimentary Herbal teas on arrival)

☼ 11.45-12pm- Sacred smudging with Sage

☼ 12- 3pm - Opening Ceremony with Cacao & Rose to Anchor in the Heart- Journalling, Reflection, Intention Setting, Guided Heart Meditation, Light Body activation, Heart Wisdom Sharing, Dreams + Soul Purpose Activation, Movement Meditation, Gong Bath

☼ 3-4pm - Brunch- Bring vegetarian or vegan food for yourself or to share (feel free to also bring extra snacks, fruit, nuts etc)

☼ 4-4.30pm- Quiet time for journaling, contemplation & Deep Rest

☼ 4.30- 6pm - Meditation, Intention Setting & Fire Ceremony

☼ 6-6.30pm - Mini Gong Bath

☼ 6.30-645pm - Closing Circle


I Love nothing more than to enable people to become more aware of their Divine Heart Self and to remember the powerful creator that they are. We each have the power to manifest Infinite Possibilities and to live a life of Grace & Ease. To truly know ourselves is, I believe, the greatest gift we can offer to humanity. I Love to create a space in which others can connect to their deeper Heart Self, beyond the mind. To open more to Self Love & Compassion. My passion for supporting others to remember their Divine Infinite Self takes me to teaching Meditation, Yoga, facilitating wellbeing Workshops, Ceremonies including with Cacao (raw chocolate to open the Heart), Retreats, Conscious Celebrations, Wellness Festivals & offering Private Wellbeing sessions with Intuitive Heart Wisdom Healing, Energy Healing, Breathwork, Indian Head Massage, Yoga Therapy & Meditation Coaching.

TESTIMONIALS (of previous Workshops, Retreats & Ceremonies)

"The Equinox Retreat was such a beautiful day of sharing, connecting, learning and embracing the seasonal changes. I am so happy I was able to attend and be a part of such a magical day. The environment was so cosy, inspiring and welcoming. Fouzia provides a beautiful safe space for us all to just come and be. She has so much love in her heart, and such gentle guidance. I truly recommend attending one of her events or meeting with her in a one to one session if you haven't already. It was a really amazing day that helped me learn more and set my intentions for what I want in my life. I'm really looking forward to more of Fouzia's events and also the next retreat in November♥ " Jenny, London

"The cacao ceremony allowed me to really focus on my intention which was the wish to thrive in my life. The atmosphere was very open, warm and supportive. I gained real clarity about how I wanted my life to look. Since then magical things have happened in my life (landed a dream job, travel, better health) and I feel I can really thank Fouzia for expertly holding the space for deep inner reflection, focus and the consequential manifestation of my wish not just to survive but to thrive." Annie, London

"Before the Cacao Ceremony, I had only been to two of your events (The Healing Garden Wellness Festival and a Yoga workshop) but each time I feel such a nurturing and held experience, and that is completely with thanks to your kind and healing energy and the lessons of the heart you so willingly and carefully share. Thank you for being such a giving teacher and reminding me to connect to the heart, over and over as many times as I need. The space you hold is an anchor in itself and helps to steady me for whatever the ocean may bring." Fiona, London

A beautiful Cacao Ceremony - a beautiful evening, with beautiful souls...I floated home! "WOW!!!! What an experience!!! Sooo amazing....I felt "drunk" on heart centered love. And my sleep was soooo deep, I felt "drunk" on life - an inside experience - truly amazing! Fouzia Javaid facilitated the evening with love, heart and grace. Very, very tasty Cacao, the best I have EVER tasted! " Caroline, London

“I really love the sessions you do, they are the most powerful I have ever experienced.” Arabella, London

"Joining Fouzia's sessions are always blissful, beautiful gatherings, amazing vibration, feeling peace, love and a deep sense of relief. Thank you."

"I attended Fouzia's cacao ceremony last week, wow!! I had such an amazing experience as I always do at Fouzia's workshops/events. She is a beautiful soul full of love and wisdom and everything she does is from a heart-centered perspective and you can really feel this during the workshops whether it's a cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance or a chakra yoga and meditation workshop. You will be made to feel so welcome and loved and will leave feeling a whole lot lighter, happier, balanced and grounded. She is an inspiration to all and you will reap many benefits from attending any of her events." Louis, London

“Fouzia is a gifted teacher of meditation and the living embodiment of its benefits. She radiates calm and compassion... and is an inspiration to anyone seeking self-improvement or simply the means to find stillness in our hectic modern world." Paul, London

"I highly recommend Fouzia's classes for anyone wishing to go deeper on their path and leave calm and relaxed, where the feelings stay with you for a good few days after class. You will leave with a deep sense of peace as well as grounded, something much needed in hectic London life. Thank you." Tasha, London

“Fouzia is a fantastic teacher, very patient and attentive. Her classes are very gentle but incredibly powerful with a focus on the spiritual side of yoga that is often sadly neglected in the west. I feel like I've had an amazing healing after her classes. Highly recommended!” Suzanne, London

"A beautiful loving experience as always...Fouzia radiates so much love and such warmth and guidance." Jenny, London

"I have never met someone as warm, loving, understanding, patient and welcoming as Fouzia. She holds space like no other and I feel this is part of why I felt safe enough to release so much where I have not previously. I highly recommend all of her events, they are all always amazing and I always enjoy them more than most others. The Quantum Shift Party is my favourite event of the year in London! I do indeed feel like I had a deep quantum shift at her last cacao ceremony!" David, London


☼ Earlybird £77 / 2 friends £144 (£72 each)(til 21 Apr)

☼ £88 thereafter/ 2 friends £160 (£80 each)

☼ £39 Opening Cacao & Rose Ceremony only 1130am-3pm (3 spots only)

☼ You can also pay via bank transfer. Email [email protected] for bank details. Or book via Paypal to [email protected] using the friends & family option (to avoid ticket fees) followed by an email to [email protected] to confirm payment.

This is a small intimate Retreat so we can journey deep & my Ceremonies often sell out, so book early to guarantee a spot!

Refund Policy: No refunds are possible unless we cancel the event, but you can transfer your ticket to a friend. If you develop corona virus symptoms, or are a close contact of someone that develops coronavirus in the past 10 days, and you cannot attend you can transfer your ticket to the next ceremony if you email me the morning of the Ceremony. If you are transferring your ticket to a friend please email [email protected] with the email address of your friend so that they can be sent the address + guidance.


☼ Avoid eating a heavy meal for at least 3 hours before the Cacao Ceremony starts and arrive hydrated

☼ Avoid caffeine & alcohol on the day of the Ceremony

☼ Try your best to avoid alcohol, caffeine or any other intoxicants for a few days prior

☼ A bottle of water.

☼ Wear something you are comfortable sitting in on the floor (a chair is available)

☼ A blanket for the Gong Bath

☼ Warm clothes in case the Fire Ceremony is outside

☼ Optional- A drum, rattle or instrument for the Fire Ceremony

☼ Optional- bring an offering for the altar. Something special to you.

☼Vegetarian/vegan food to share for lunch

☼ If taking anti-depressants, please email [email protected] in advance of the ceremony as these can be impacted by the Cacao


☼ See:

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Event Venue

Private Location near Wandsworth Town/Clapham Junction, Private Location near Wandsworth Town/Clapham Junction, London, United Kingdom


GBP 39.00 to GBP 160.00

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