Believe In Your Breath - Breakfree and Breakthrough COPENHAGEN

Sat Jul 06 2024 at 09:00 am to Sun Jul 07 2024 at 02:00 pm

To Be Announced | Copenhagen

Believe In Your Breath
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Believe In Your Breath - Breakfree and Breakthrough COPENHAGEN Welcome to the ultimate 2 day self-development breathwork event, Experience a profound transformation as you Breakfree & Breakthrough!
About this Event


Get ready to embark on the most epic transformation of your life with Breakthrough Breathwork by Believe in Your Breath! We’ve taken an ancient healing practice and given it a modern-day makeover, and the results are nothing short of mind-blowing. People from every corner of the globe stand in absolute astonishment at the profound experiences they've encountered. One client even exclaimed, 'I got more out of one session with Believe in Your Breath than 10 years of therapy.'

Through the incredible art of internal medicine, scientifically backed and utilizing the power of the breath, Believe in Your Breath offers a gateway to release, reset, and achieve monumental breakthroughs. It's a process that liberates individuals from emotional baggage, triggers, and internal turmoil. Participants emerge feeling calm, regulated, and crystal clear about their path forward, all thanks to the transformative power of Believe in Your Breath's Breakthrough Breathwork. Whether they've joined the high-energy events or engaged in their dynamic online programs, lives have been irrevocably transformed.


Whether you've never experienced breathwork before or you're a professional breather, our events are for you. It's time to break free from the shackles of old narratives and buried pains and embrace the unstoppable, upgraded version of yourself! The only question is, are you ready?


Releasing Internal Struggle, Hurt, and the Old You

On this transformative day, we double down and laser-focus on breaking you free – free from the chains of past experiences, from the reactive behaviors, from the impact they had on you, and from the stories you've woven around them. Our mission is to help release the emotions that are associated with your past experiences, the triggers they created, and the reactive behaviors, as well as the anchors of internal discomfort that keep pulling you back and keeping you stuck through the power of breath.

On this day, we use a range of powerful Believe in Your Breath modalities, exercises, and practices, along with our signature Breakfree Breathwork, to assist in releasing those anchors that hold their grip on your life. If you are seeking that ultimate release, regulation, and reset, this is the medicine you need. It's time to finally let go, leave the excuses behind, and have a clean canvas. When you walk away from this day, you will feel a sense of calm, stillness, clarity, and readiness for the next you.


Unlock Success, Break Money Blocks, Limitations, and Step into the Upgraded Version of You

On this day, we laser-focus on success and a life by design. We tackle money blocks, imposter syndrome, and limiting beliefs, setting the blueprint for a life you know you can have but might not yet know how to attain. We are stepping into a state of success, power, wealth creation, and untapped growth.

This day is tailored for people seeking true success in their personal and professional lives—those who yearn for a life they know they deserve but may be unsure how to achieve it. We delve deep into the world of money mindset, dismantling money blocks, limitations, self-worth, and anchors that have hindered your vision of success. This day is about leveling up, fostering growth, establishing financial freedom, and cultivating a success-oriented mindset.

We achieve this transformation through a range of signature practices, modalities, and exercises, finishing with our powerful Breakthrough Breathwork session. This session allows us to tap into another state of consciousness, unlocking the floodgates of untapped potential.

When you leave this session, you'll be firmly anchored in a success mindset, feeling powerful and no longer held back. You'll have a crystal-clear blueprint for your future, knowing exactly who you are, from how you want to act, dress, feel, to how you want to be seen in this world. Success is just one breakthrough away. Are you ready to step into it?


Elevate your experience as a VIP. You will receive the benefits of early access to meet Kirsty and Beau with a personal photo, front-row seating, access to the "Get Your Shit Together" Course for FREE, a 90-Day Success Plan, participation in a VIP Virtual Catch-Up, and attendance at a Follow-Up Breakthrough online Session with Kirsty and Beau. Embark on your journey to success with the VIP Platinum UPGRADED Experience!


With both Saturday and Sunday being 5-hours from 9am till 2pm. You have the option to attend either day individually, but we strongly recommend experiencing both days for the ultimate transformation with maximum benefits.


Be forewarned – we're not holding back. We swear, we laugh, we cry, and we unapologetically embrace our true selves. Come with an open mind, a ready heart, and be prepared for a life-changing transformation.


Event Venue

To Be Announced, -, Copenhagen , Denmark


AUD 49.00 to AUD 1190.00

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