Autumn Equinox Cacao Ceremony

Sun Mar 17 2024 at 02:30 pm to 04:30 pm

489 Khyber Pass Road. Newmarket., 1023 | Auckland

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Autumn Equinox Cacao Ceremony
Join Kristie for a gentle journey of heart and connection with Mama Cacao where you’ll discover this ancient elixir’s rich history and its potential to open your heart and nourish your spirit.
Autumn Equinox: Align with the natural cycles of nature. Time to release, let go, and free yourselves.
Cultivate Gratitude and Mindfulness:
· Sip and savor: Immerse yourself in the rich flavor of pure cacao, appreciating its velvety texture and subtle sweetness.
· Quiet reflection: A time for present moment awareness and gentle introspection.
· Cacao’s calming properties, like theobromine, invite deeper relaxation, allowing you to connect more deeply with yourself.
About the event:
This is a space for those looking for that sense of community, siting in circles and sharing from the heart just like our ancestors did.
About the cacao:
Cacao is considered by indigenous communities, as one of the master plants since it works as a heart-opener. It has been used in rites and ceremonies for thousands of years in South and Mesoamerica. In Peru and Ecuador, for example, its use goes back to 7,000 years.
What to bring and preparation:
· An organic offering to Pachamama: a flower, a branch, a stone, leaves, sea salt, seeds, a fruit or veggie without stickers
· Paper/journal and pen
· Recommended: a bottle of water
· Cushion, blanket and mug provided by Begin Wellness
· Important: Do not consume dairy products on this day (check section Considerations)
· Dairy and cacao clash in the liver, please do not consume dairy products on the day of the ceremony to avoid nauseas.
· People on MAOIs (monoamine-oxidase inhibitors) antidepressants cannot consume cacao.
· No alcohol and other recreational substances on this day.
· Avoid a very fatty lunch and dinner on this day.
· This cacao has a ratio of 29:1 - theobromine:caffeine, it lifts us up but without the negative effects associated to caffeine over stimulation, however, if you are highly sensitive I encourage you to check with you GP.
· If you have a high-pressure condition, feel free to check with your doctor regarding consuming cacao.
-2:30 - 4:30pm 17 Mar 2024
-teen / adult / senior
-early bird price: $45 (to be sold by Feb 29)
-normal rate: $55
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+64 9558 3580

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489 Khyber Pass Road. Newmarket., 1023, 489 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket, Auckland 1023, New Zealand,Auckland, New Zealand


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