Aries Full Moon - Ecstatic Dance Journey

Fri Sep 29 2023 at 07:00 pm to 10:00 pm

MANDALA Studio & Creative Space | Vancouver

Elemental Momentum
Publisher/HostElemental Momentum
Aries Full Moon - Ecstatic Dance Journey A powerful Ecstatic Dance and Embodiment Journey celebrating the Aries Full Moon to ignite the passionate inner flame. Sept 28th, 2023
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Aries is an initiation into the sacred flame. As the first spark, and first in the Zodiac wheel it represents a force of New Beginnings, Intentional Motifs, Drive, and Ambition, and Perserverance.

The ram is headstrong.

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Come the Full Moon on the evening of Sept 28th, 2023, we'll be gathering for a musical journey to conjure the flame and receive inspiration for what our next steps may be so that we can step forward with clarity and grace.

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Hosted by Elemental Momentum, a collective movement to accelerate one's personal and spiritual growth through connections and movements with the elements. By providing a safe container, it allows participants to connect with and share their auntheticity. To dance freely without inhibition and judgement, and understand ourselves a little bit better. Centred in Vancouver, BC we help create spiritual movement through a series of events, workshops, private classes, social events, and retreats ~ all centred around dance, music, and the 5 elements.

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Facilitated by Siren of the Elements, a renowned artist from Vancouver BC. She's performed at countless private parties, parades, conventions, and music festivals across the Lower Mainland. Including Bass Coast Arts and Music Festival 2023, Parade of Lost Souls, Mystic Cabaret, and Taboo - The Everything to do with Sex show. As a self taught dancer, her embodiment of intentional flow through ecstatic dances allowed her to grow as a performance artist. It also came hand in hand with her spiritual practice. As a certified Life Coach from the Jay Shetty Certification School Program, she creates a container which allows you to drop into your own personal truth and deeply accept all that comes through you. The energy she curates on the dance floor as a DJ comes from a primal background but covers a wide range of musical dynamics. From upbeat tribal bass power to slow sultry melodic piano ~ her music is designed to take you on a journey. More information below

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Aries Full Moon Ecstatic Dance Journey

When: Sept 28th, 2023 from 7-10pm

Where: Mandala Studio - 1020 Mainland St (Upstairs all the way left and left)

What to bring: Water bottle, journal, alter item (optional)


Early Bird SINGLE - $28

General SINGLE - $35

Bring a friend! - 2 for $50

May the spirit of the ram take you over as you head with confidence in your desired direction. Whatever your inspiration may be, there is always the smallest first step

See you on the dance floor!

Event Venue

MANDALA Studio & Creative Space, 1020 Mainland Street, Vancouver, Canada


CAD 25.00 to CAD 35.00

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