Affection and Connection: A One Time Magical Night for Magical People

Wed Dec 13 2023 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

3000 Florida Avenue,Miami,33133,US | Miami

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Affection and Connection: A One Time Magical Night for Magical People
Learn Conscious Consent and The Art of Hugging for singles and couples. Because You are Ready to Break Free from Your Limits to Pleasure
What Challenges you to connect and experience pleasure in your life? We feel alone even when in relationship as we do not know how to communicate our needs for affection and connection.
What if there is a way to help you feel whole, aligned and connected again?
Could something as simple as a hug bring you into a state of deep release and fill your cup with overflowing love?
We believe it can. We have been there too with you. Wanting more care, love and that special spark to come back in our lives. And we are so grateful to offer an experience that can leave you feeling incredibly restored!
The application of restorative connection is one we have curated for hundreds of people over the years. And on the evening of December 13th, in an incredible rooftop lounge, we will curate this for you too.
It starts with the beautiful evolution of consent culture. The enormous benefits for connection with "Conscious Consent" is:
-A deeper understanding of how we enhance 'giving and receiving' to maximize connection
-Unlocking blocks around feeling undeserving or fear of rejection
-The power of unwavering presence and exquisite touch
And we will end our evening with the ART of hugging by Tantra Yoga Teacher Raluca
We all need hugs - one per day to survive , 10 per day to really thrive.
A really embodied divinely inspired hug is not the regular pat on the back quick come and go hug. The Art of Hugging will show you the way to an affectionate and compassionate meeting of the hearts!
This is an invitation to fill your cup with endorphins, oxytocin and all the good hormones that will help you radiate the best version of yourself to the world.
We will explore various powerful hugging techniques in which you will feel supported to let go of any walls around your heart and melt away emotional tensions.
Exceptional benefits of learning the Art of Hugging include:
- Bringing depth in asking, receiving and giving a hug
- Creating a Vibrant YES and Dicerning NO when hugging
- Receiving a No or Yes beautifully with an open heart
- Chakras alignments and energy movement during a hug
- Extending the ripples of energy after each hug, yet protected and never burdened with the each-others emotional tensions
- the Alchemical Power of a Hug
Hugging is an Art, and for a happier emotional life we should all master it!
Meet Raluca:
"I fell in love with Tantra Yoga over 15 years ago (in 2008) and it gradually became a lifestyle and my spiritual path. It helped me transform and beautify every aspect of my life.
As a Tantra Yoga teacher, I have been leading courses, workshops, conferences, classes and private sessions for the past 10 years, both physically and online.
I trained in Europe, U.S.A. and India and I am certified by US Yoga Academy and by Atman - the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation.
I practice daily and I teach weekly, but more than anything, I am dedicated to consistently enrich my knowledge in this field. I travel to retreats and trainings world wide for my own growth and inspiration and to elevate my practices so I can deliver the most special teachings to you.
All I want is to share this powerful practice with Women, Men and Couples so they can feel more connected to their divine essence, from which they can draw the power to master and beautify their own lives."
Meet Deva Presence:
Reserve your spot today as this event will fill up:
Please arrive on time as we will have a full night of experiences.
You can use Venmo, Paypal or Zelle and send your payment to 786-777-9809 (you can also text any questions to this number)
Cost: $55 VIP $120
Come prepared to, laugh, lighten up, engage your heart and feel all warm and cozy inside. We provide the safe and loving space to get connected to friends, partners and new acquaintances. You come with that seed of intention and watch it blossom and bloom together.
VIPs have the chance to go deeper with the facilitators in a semi private dinner and coaching session together. Get your burning questions answered and the personal touch you deserve. Limited to 3 people.
VIP Dinner is just before the event from 5 to 6pm

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