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The Three Sisters | Edinburgh

ADHD As Females
Publisher/HostADHD As Females
Want to learn more about ADHD in a totally unique and fun way? Connect with Edinburgh ADHD Adults and come to the last ADHDAF Podcast Tour,
About this Event

Unidentified ADHD left you feeling like an Alien? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There’s a whole planet of us... SERIOUSLY! Planet ADHD AF are invading The Three Sisters, Edinburgh to raise ADHD Awareness, and connect the local ADHD Community with a Cosmic Dopamine-fest of Too-Muchness! Don't miss out on the last ever ADHD AF Tour...
A long time ago (2022) in a galaxy far, far away (Aberdeen), turmoil has engulfed the ADHD Community. A monumental moment of mass ADHD Awareness has been dismissed by many as mere mass hysteria. An ADHD Rebel Alliance is formed to combat Ableism, unite ADHD Adults and push for systemic change via the Podcast: ADHD AF. Now with over 1 million downloads and listeners in 197 countries of Planet Earth and counting...
You are invited to ALIEN NATION where:
- All ADULTS of all genders are welcome
- Self Diagnosis is Valid. Whether you’re on an ADHD Assessment waiting list, or you identify
ADHD traits in yourself, NOBODY knows you better than you. YOU ARE VALID AF!
- ADHD Curious and ADHD Allies are invited to come along to learn and support the cause
- You are invited to unmask with local like-minded legends who ‘get it’
- Any heavy subject matter is followed by a ‘hun’-tastic-karaoke-banger-sing-a-long to lighten the mood and unite us all with lols.
- ADHD Awareness is raised through games, ‘over-shares’, ‘theatre, cabaret, Bingo, Massaoke, Drum and Bass musical statues, kitchen ladle waving and whatever other ridiculousness that pops into Laura's head keeping her awake at night.
- ADHD Stigma and shame is eradicated through sharing ‘Our Most ADHD Things’
- Prizes can be won!
- You can COME ALONE AND LEAVE WITH FRIENDS - Please get in touch if you are anxious about coming on your own and you will be greeted at the door by the ADHDAF Community and seated with others to make local connections
- Wearing Leopard Print is encouraged, because: the Leopard is the symbol of Aberdeen; where ADHDAF Podcast is recorded. It also symbolises bravery, the reclaiming of power…and LAURA IS A TOTAL HUN!
Rebel with a cause and ADHDAF Podcast Host Laura Mears-Reynolds is joined for this third ADHDAF Tour in just two years by Edinburgh Fringe Superstar Nicole ‘Why Am I Like This’ Nadler, Community Hero and ADHD Coach Ally MacDonald, and MANY MORE ADHDAF Podcast Legends…full line up coming soon!
ADHD presents differently in each individual, there is no one size fits all. This production is authentic to Laura’s ADHD presentation of Understimulation; so contains loud music - but there will be a Quiet Zone provided at each event to try to accommodate ADHDers who experience Overstimulation.
Laura is NOT a Psychiatrist, Therapist or Coach. Therefore she is NOT trained or even emotionally equipped to offer advice or support! She is simply a late diagnosed ADHD Woman on an intergalactic crusade to unite and empower through sharing her lived experiences… from Alienation to an Alien Nation.
Dresscode: Come as you are - though Leopard Print / Alien Ravewear encouraged
There’s no such thing as too much!
10% of profits will be donated to The Leopard Print Army Fund, for all future ADHD Campaigning and training to empower and support ADHDers with Advocacy and Activism.

There will be a bar service, but no food so please eat before attending.

For parking and accessibility please contact the venue directly.

The time stated is the doors opening time. The show will start 30 mins later.
FIND OUT MORE about: The Podcast raising GLOBAL ADHD Awareness
Want to know more about ADHDAF Events? Read this: If you'd like to connect with and chat to Laura and late diagnosed ADHDers the world over, join the: ADHDAF Online Peer Support Community

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