Acroyoga Learning Lab Sunday (1.5 hours)

Sun Feb 04 2024 at 05:00 pm to Sun Feb 25 2024 at 06:30 pm

Ripley-Grier Studios (Two locations close by each other; check e-mail the day of for most up-to-date location) | New York

Thomas Fischer and Alyssa Malgapo
Publisher/HostThomas Fischer and Alyssa Malgapo
Acroyoga Learning Lab Sunday (1.5 hours)
Join us for an acroyoga learning lab!
About this Event

Join us for an acroyoga learning lab on Sunday at 5 pm at Ripley Grier (Midtown NYC).

Come join us for an exciting and unique workout experience with our acroyoga learning lab! In this learning lab, you'll learn the techniques of acroyoga, a blend of acrobatics and yoga that involves partnering with another person to perform poses and movements. We’ll guide you through the basics and help you build strength, balance, and flexibility while having fun and building trust with your partner. No prior experience is necessary – all levels are welcome. Sign up for our acroyoga learning lab today and discover the joys of this dynamic and rewarding practice!

Acroyoga is often learned in the context of an instructor-led class or jam (open practice). A learning lab combines the best of both worlds. You have a progressive curriculum in an app that tracks your personal progress. For each mini-lesson, you pair up with a more advanced student who already knows the lesson. That student can teach you the lesson hands-on for faster learning. Once you know a mini-lesson, you can teach another student and deepen your own practice through the experience of guiding someone else.

If you look at a group class, a beginning flyer and beginning base trying to learn a new move together for the first time can be very unstable. Nobody knows what they are doing. If you come to an open practice, you can often have well-intentioned people wanting to help you, but there is no plan or long-term learning strategy. With a learning lab, you get both - a progressive curriculum and matching partners of different levels.

Note: An acrobatic sport like acryoga comes with the risk of falling and putting weight on joints in the wrong way. You assume the risk for engaging in the activity. While you are in the learning lab, always work with a spotter for safety. If you feel that a particular activity is too risky for you, talk to one of our instructors in the room. There are always ways to build up to a skill with easy progressions.

- No partner necessary!

- Great for beginners!

- Ripley Grier room number is e-mailed out on the day of the learning lab.

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Ripley-Grier Studios (Two locations close by each other; check e-mail the day of for most up-to-date location), 520 8th Ave, New York, United States


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