A Deep Dive Into Self Love, Eastern Astrology & The 7 Human Challenges.

Sat May 04 2024 at 11:00 am to Sat May 25 2024 at 12:00 pm UTC-07:00

People House, West 25th Avenue, Denver, CO, USA | Denver

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A Deep Dive Into Self Love, Eastern Astrology & The 7 Human Challenges.

In this online zoom class we will take a deep dive into the topic of Self Love Spirituality Eastern Astrology and the 7 Challenges all humans face.

About this Event

Join me for an hour of connection, sharing and healing!

We are here to cultivate a better relationship with our higher self not the ego self.

I will start off the class with a sound healing meditation and then discuss the conscious shift happening on this planet. Astrologically we are entering into new paradigm shifts called the Sleeping Phoenix or the Tetra Age this energy is asking all of us to look within for answers. I will also be discussing what can you expect. There are some big planetary changes happening right now that haven't happened in a very long time. I will also go over What's happening with the transiting planets? How are they affecting us? How are emotions are affected by the planets? I study ancient astrology called Jyotish "science of light" which is very accurate for predictions

We will then explore the topic of Self Love and the Seven Challenges all humans face in Taoist philosophy. With these planetary changes it is a time period for us to learn to go within heal and develop self-love. But developing self-love can be difficult understanding these challenges can help to understand the human experience on a Deeper Level. I will share with you the ancient Taoist & Buddhist philosophy on these 7 challenges we all face. We will discuss how exploring these topics literally can raise our vibrations and help us to go within. The circumstances of life however mundane can challenge our efforts to cultivate our spiritual nature and transcend the small self. As we learn to awaken the Higher Self connect with it and allow it to guide us it can help us to a greater understanding of who we are.

Join me for a morning of nourishing the soul!

My background is in Eastern philosophy and I have extensive knowledge of the first 5 branches of Chinese Medicine. I have worked with Master Teachers in Malaysia for over 20 years.

Feel free to bring your own gifts to share with the group we are here to connect and expand our hearts and humanity.

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People House, West 25th Avenue, Denver, CO, USA, United States


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